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Welcome to - Tzigania

Tzigania Project  - a Community Development Program bringing new incomes into
marginalized Rroma/Gypsy communities
of Romania  through participation and trade 

- Taking down walls and building Bridges -

We’re finding value inside segregation - exposing realities -while 
changing mentalities
both inside the communities and out

Tzigania Tours
Real Roma - Real Gypsies - Real Life

The Store
"made in tzigania"

Gypsy Tourism

Roma aprons and skirtsMarco Polo MarketRoma Finery

Opening traditionally segregated Roma-Gypsy communities of Romania

- Traditional arts and crafts
Supporting - the community through trade
Supplying - "shukhari" beautiful things

Roma Restaurant

Authentic Romani Cuisine

Roma Restaurant

Re-inventing Vaudeville - Gypsy Style

- Opening July 2016 -

Romani Learning Center
Mushroom Supply Center
Learning Center Data Basemushroom Supply Center

Romani Information Database
- Coming Soon -

Developing Business
 with the Roma
Humanitarian Branch
Making Business
poor girl in the window

Micro-Business Plans

Directing social help -
to the Source

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