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Roma Religion Has a Name

Discovering the Roma Belief System

- an original by
Chuck Todaro 

    What is the Gypsy religion? The answer depends on who you ask…  Turks have been known to call them “Allahsiz insaniar” – godless. The Dutch, at one time, branded them “heathens”, “moon-men” was a popular French appellation of the enlightenment – and then there’s the remarkable Balkan folklore, "the Gypsy church was built of cheese, they ate their church, and for this reason", the story concludes, "the Gypsies have no religion".

    Ask a Gypsy his religion and he will likely say – Catholic, Muslim, Orthodox or any one of the proselytizing neo-Christian denominations that have been sweeping through the Gypsy camps. Western influence is an important component to defining the Roma religion since the level of integration into European society directly impacts the indigenous Roma belief system, known as Romanipen, settling at the base of their conscience and influencing their daily actions in however small or large a way.




Tzigania Project is sadly no longer able to freely offer our exclusive research online due to plagiarism and other unconsented usage of our material.

 Our movement has always strongly believed in sharing objective truths of Roma history and culture as a means of combatting the abundance of misinformation and biased opinions feeding the stereotypes.

 Our excusive research is still freely available at our learning center locations. Contact us with ANY questions:

Roma Wheel and other Religious symbols - Roma Wheel          Cross          Islam          star of david          Hindu

Understanding Romanipen


     Little is known of the Roma religion because unlike other popular religions, Roma do not proselytize. They do not accept converts since Romanipen is a birthright. You are either born of the faith or not. A “non-Roma”, in a strange turn of events, falls into the shadowy catagory “gadjo”, a derogatory term amongst Roma with a varying degree of definitions much like the majority label "Gypsy", "tzigan", "tatar" or even "crow"... Who is a Roma can be a complicated issue that resonates of the Jewish debate, “who is a Jew?” – and not surprisingly, the responses are quite similar…


     The Romanipen religion is composed of three major elements: .....

Roma Altar
Roma Gabor Decor Symbolizing Family Unity

Ancestral Worship – Brotherhood - Dualism


     The worship is performed by honoring of the ancestors, the Roma saints, carried out in the day-by-day following of the traditions taught by the elders, just as the previous elders had taught, a line theoretically tracing all the way back to their Hindu-Indian origins at the banks of the Ganges. These traditions come to light in the dress codes, family roles, and overall “doing things the gypsy way”..... 

Ancestor worship

     “Phralipe”, Roma brotherhood, forms the community. There is no sense of individuality in Roma life..... . 


      Christianity is a religion of strict morals yet which withholds condemnation till the final “judgment day” when an individual’s good and bad deeds are collectively weighed.  This added time allows the sinner the chance to experience on his own and "find his way". In addition, there are means of correcting past transgressions through penance and a little something called “absolution” that can completely erase the slate clean. Roma, on the other hand, follow a karma justice system that strikes as you go along...


Karma Symbol

     All religions acknowledge the human conflict between good and evil. While the mightier force is commonly awarded to the power of good, like they say, “love conquers all”, Romanipen, fears the negative....


Braiding Hair    -    Roma Traditions    -    Household Decor

     Socializing with Gajo is only through business.  In some cases separate sets.... o

- an original by
Chuck Todaro
Jan. 2014

More to come

An in-depth look at the controversial Roma marriage tradition, 
the foundation of the Romanipen Religion…

Romanipen today and yesterday, moving along the brink of extinction…