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Roma socks           One of my earliest observations while hanging around the Roma Gabor household was their flamboyant style of socks – yes, socks. It happened as one of the Roma women came to a sitting position; the concealing long dress lifted and out popped a pair of candy-cane wrapped feet.  What immediately flashed through my mind – and often still does – was that memorable scene in the "Wizard of Oz" when Dorothy’s house falls from the sky onto the Wicked Witch of the East - and the camera zooms-in on an obscure pair of feet sticking out from under the front wall of the house.


Wizard of Oz socks     The Wizard of Oz – Roma sock association isn't intended to connect the Gabor to witchcraft (though their guests do often admit a magical essence). Gabor gaudy style socks are just one aspect of their overall flamboyant style that reaches from head to toe. The fashion is more than just an image impacting on outer perceptions but also the inner being. It psychologically helps mold and maintain Roma’s passionate temperament and unwavering optimism.   “Vale bi bhakt – avem bhakt”, they say (after bad luck – come good fortune) just as Dorothy sings: “somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue”…

Roma Socks

By Chuck Todaro - Jan 2011.