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Understanding the True Roma Character – in a nutshell

Gypsy life can be dull, excruciatingly dull, but it’s never boring.

- an original by
Chuck Todaro 

    My Roma entourage and I were standing outside the center coffee shop watching the pretty Gypsy girls swinging their empty buckets on their way to the communal well followed by a quick stop off at the corner shop taking care of their momentary shopping needs. The lack of in-house refrigeration units in Roma communities spawns a buy as you need lifestyle resulting in a considerable increase to their annual cost of living making life for these poor people that much more difficult to just get by.  The majority surnames of this Roma community are “Lefter”, meaning penniless; how little has changed.

   ..... “The Gypsy community is closed,” he answered taking my silence for ignorance, “because of the fear and distrust. It’s open because they are forever waiting for something.”




Tzigania Project is sadly no longer able to freely offer our exclusive research online due to plagiarism and other unconsented usage of our material.

 Our movement has always strongly believed in sharing objective truths of Roma history and culture as a means of combatting the abundance of misinformation and biased opinions feeding the stereotypes.

 Our excusive research is still freely available at our learning center locations. Contact us with ANY questions:

Ancestral Worship

   “One for all and all for one!” (*1)

      The kids in today’s computer age have the world quite literally at the touch of their fingertips. They are coming of age with a much wider scope of ideas and opinions.  “Find your passion” – “Follow your dreams” has since become the standard message of commencement speakers like Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg’s interpretation at the 2012 Harvard business school graduation, “if you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, don’t ask what seat, just get on”; in other words, “just do it”, another publicized “follow your dreams” cliché going around nowadays.


    Back at the secluded Gypsy community children are receiving a very different kind of upbringing. ...


Ladž ti xal to muj,

"May shame eat your face

    There is no need nor use of a police force keeping social order in Roma society, an inherent Roma taboo system instead forms the necessary boundaries of what you “can do” and more importantly “can’t do”, simultaneously supplying.....



    “Don’t leave without your brothers! Take your brothers!” Costel M. of Romanian village Dumbraveni hollers to his son as he departs for the local store.  “I know – I know” the boy hollers back. He didn’t need to be reminded. A Gypsy knows never to leave the community alone.




Anticipation; forever waiting for something

    I was introduced to the Tziganian state of inertia at the village Clejani by idle young men parading the street, truant school children everywhere and the ritual gathering of women at the well having laid their buckets down engaged in an orgy of gossiping. “.....

- an original by
Chuck Todaro 




 (*1) Quoted by a hyped-up young man from the Transylvanian Roma village Glodeni explaining the family support system while on the long march back from a rumble between clans.  

 (*2) The Traveler- Gypsies by Judith Okely P 194

 (*3) Purity and Impurity in the Traditional Romani Family by Delia Grigore