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 Tzigania Project introduces ....


Serbia     The tzigania at Glodeni – known to the locals as “Serbia” ”, like it were a “foreign land”, where live a “foreign people” speaking a “foreign language” that could just as well be “Serbian” – or to coin a phrase, ‘it’s Greek to me’ - is a community comprised of basket-makers, a trade transcending time and space to their Domba Hindu-Indian roots. This once prolific Gypsy trade is nearly extinct due to competition of industrialization, plastics and improved transportation of produce. The basket-making tradition of Glodeni Gypsies has endured the ravages of time by furthering their skill into a wider range of produce including furniture. The vast majority of 2000 residents earn their living from the baskets. The Glodeni Gypsies are also famous for the extraordinary Transylvanian Gypsy dance skills


    Serbia functions as a cooperative society with each courtyard running its own family run basket-weaving “factory”.   The basket making is a family affair that involves all members: husband, wife, young, old, very old and also children play a role. They work the Gypsy entrepreneurial business style of following the full cycle of productivity: freely gathering the raw material - preparing the reed - weaving the baskets - and finally hawking the wares through the village streets. Centuries have passed and very little has changed; even the single tool - Gypsy knife – remains unchanged….

The Tzigania Basket-Making The Dance

Glodeni tzigania also known as “Serbia” - is the ideal “tzigania” complete with it own autonomy, language, trade, style, border guards  – and populous compact area (“city within a village”). It’s a carpe-diem lifestyle that produces a vivacious community… Their origins began as a small community of a few families of former slaves – then serfs - belonging to the famed nobleman family Teleki. The Teleki family of Transylvania were politicians, soldiers, explorers, intellectuals - the so-called Thomas Jefferson of Transylvania.

These basket-making trade links Gypsies back to their Indian origins making it one of Roma’s oldest, still active trades.

 The business of weaving sticks and branches into sellable items spread with the Gypsies from Indian – Armenia – through Byzantium – Balkans and across Europe till finally hawking their wares along the brinks of the British Isles and Ireland.

   The Basket-making trade emphasizes the contrast of Roma’s hunter -gatherer lifestyle to European settled agrarian society while finding value and use in what others overlooked and then exploiting that value to maximum gain.

      The reed used in basket-making grew prolifically throughout Europe and therefore a change of place – whether forced or by choice – didn’t necessarily mean a change of profession

Experience wild 'n crazy “hyperactive” Transylvanian rhythmic Dance

" the dance that creates its own beat that moves your feet "

Famous Transylvania Gypsy dancers include your guide -
professional dancer Atilla Szanto

 See the dance performed in the community

 where it was born


 Experience the culture that influenced its unique style




Overnight accommodations in tigania - YES! - available... 

This very unique - special experience allows for a fuller absorption of the lifestyle and culture...  

a chance for culture shock to settle in and make clearer sense of obscure tzigania… 

Note: this option is not always available… 

Contact us at tziganiatours@tzigania.com  with your information and we will supply details….

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Contact us with ANY question / bookings..... Phone: (+40) 758 55 66 70....... E-Mail: tziganiatours@tzigania.com


 Atilla will guide you through the sights sound and movement of the three neighborhoods: The Valley: First settlers -  Punka/Csicki Street (former musicians) and Cold Valley (poor neighborhood)… They are all poor in tzigania - “poor like a gypsy” is the life yet even the ghetto has its classes.

Atilla will guide you through the compact tzigania community where you will personally experience the basket-making in progress: the incoming reeds arriving in wagon, bicycle or common over the shoulders – followed by the curing process (cooking like spaghetti) – then the weaving - and finally completed baskets going out as it came in – to marketplace or villages to hawk. The process carries on all day and week long and you will see various families in various stages of completion. Tzigania is an industrial basket-making zone. 90% of the community feed, clothe and shelter their families through the basket-making

Atilla will take you into the courtyard and/or in the home of a family to experience the work in progress. Experience the life and ask any questions. photography is permitted

Note: Our program is about social interaction and dissolving wall. Suggestion: as a means of enhancing your relationship and the experience – speak to Atilla to purchase a bottle of beer (they like the social aspect of a beer) and perhaps a soda and/or cookies for the children and hang out a little longer and capture a fuller experience..... (cost: approx. 11-15 lei / 3 Euro)

The Dance

You will also get the special treat of experiencing a sample of the wild and crazy Transylvanian Gypsy Dance.  A short  sample performance will be given by locals. Dancing is the life in “Serbia” and it’s performed at all times of day and different periods to express themselves, feel good, or get through a hard life – as the Gypsies of Glodeni say “when the Gypsy is hungry he dances and the hunger leaves”

 Your visit with Atilla also includes a stop off at the village tuica factory (brandy of various fruits) for taste and anything else you want to know about the famed drink.


1 person
 200 lei
2 - 4 persons  
150 lei x # persons (pax)
5 or more persons
 100 lei x # persons (pax)


Our options - a way of making the most of a good and rare experience - by making it Great

Tzigania Project is about bringing new incomes into the Gypsy community. 
Money collected for options go directly to the participants. 

Thank You!


WAGON RIDE (in Tzigania)

horse and wagon and driver

Wagon ride through tzigania with stops along the way. 

Price: 80 lei per wagon


WAGON RIDE (in Tzigania and Village)

injured husser

Extend that tzigania wagon ride to include the village and see the park with its famous folk art statues including The Injured Hussar  - see Teleki Manor  - cross the Mures river (aka Ganges) and stop off at the Tuica Factory.

Price:  120 lei per wagon



Professional performance of 2 or more dancer… 200 lei

(3 or more songs)



 cooker at glodeni

You have to eat so why not take a break and enjoy a meal in Tzigania of the Gypsies famous and DELICIOUS Gypsy goulash.  Meal is served in the center surrounded by new friends. This is a way of enhancing your time and stay in the community. More fully absorb the settings while have a great meal…. Meal comes with salad and bread, drink plus after meal coffee or tea.

(Note: Goulash ingredients include pork meat - however vegetarian is available. Let us know ahead of time.) 

Price 55 lei per person



While experiencing all this great Gypsy culture – why not roll up your sleeves and learn how; learn from the best; the Gypsy teachers. It’s an opportunity to expand on your experience and better understand by doing - while simultaneously having fun.

The backbone of our project - “have fun while learning”

It’s also a great treat for the kids – and a chance to take home more than just an experience and a gigabyte of photographs yet also a memorable and authentic Gypsy basket made by you

Location: in family courtyard at tzigania

Duration – depends - generally 1-2 hours

Using Gypsy tools you will make the base and which dictates the size and shape of basket.  
Step 2: weaving the sides. You will learn the basic rule:
“opre” - up and then “tele” – down….  “opre” – “tele” – “opre” -  “tele” etc.. 

Lesson includes: bottled water, coffee or tea

1-3 persons (1 teacher)4 - 6 persons (2 teachers)7 - 10 persons (3 teachers)
300 lei500 lei700 lei

Basketmaker and student 




DANCE WORKSHOP… Learn the Transylvanian Gypsy Dance

 Dance Workshop




Attila Szanto was born in 1985. Raised in the Glodeni Gypsy community and like everyone from Glodeni tzigania he learned basket-making and the Gypsy dance. He stood out for his athletic moves with the dance and became leading member of troupe of dancers at RomaFest.  He traveled the world (Japan – Canada – all Europe) promoted Gypsy culture and art. He has taken that same purpose back home by opening up his community and others to show the outside world the truth of who Gypsy people are. Atilla is fluent in English – Romanian – Hungarian and Romani (Carpathian dialect)

Contact us with ANY question / bookings

Phone: (+40) 758 55 66 70

E-Mail: tziganiatours@tzigania.com

Basket from Glodeniwith dressdancing glodeni girlsbase

Accomodations  *  *  *  *  Transport Options  *  *  *  *  Directions (bus, train, car) 

Motel KapusiWhite Horse Pensione

 1160A Peris, Mures. Phone: +40 265 343050

Simple motel. Clean and neat. Extremely affordable. 60 lei  per room (2 beds). Friendly staff. Ofers meals. Location in village where we have our dance workshop. Ideal location. Accessible by bus to and from Targu Mures or Reghin. Small village yet plenty of resturants. 


373/K  Gornesti, Mures. Phone: 0365 452  565

Nicer hotel. Offers more. Special deal arranged by Atilla for our guests. 35 Euro per person includes room, breakfast and dinner.... Location in village next to Peris (where dance workshop is held).  Accessible by bus to and from Targu Mures or Reghin.  Small village yet plenty of resturants. 

Transportation Options

 Your host, Atilla can pick you up and transport you to/from following locations

 Pick-up from Gabor and include visit to both vastly different Roma groups. 

Make the MOST of your time and money here in Romania

From Gabor (village Valenii) …. 80 lei

To/From (one way)… Targu Mures bus or train station .. 50 lei



From Targu Mures

Duration. 15 km Targu Mures to Glodeni:  15-20 minutes

Take DN 15 north towards town Reghin passing villages: Ernei - (cross over bridge – into  village Dumbravioara  and at Dumbravioara take left at major intersection road sign “Glodeni”… Continue 3 kilometers – crossing over bridge over Mures river.  Just after bridge road veers right (you have arrived village Glodeni). Just after veering right you take first left hand turn (opposite store). Follow gravel road 1 km pass cemetery and over stream and you have entered Tzigania of Glodeni…

To Peris: follow directions above passing through Dumbravioara through village Gornesti followed by Peris. Hotel NAME is at end of the village on right hand side of road. Large sign identifies motel (is also gas station)

From Regin travel DN15 south passing vilages Peris – Gornesti – Dumbravioara. At Dumbravioara make right hand turn (before bridge) to Glodeni. Follow directions above

From Targu Mures

 Station at station gara mica. Park Piata Republici

Bus departs every half hour on weekdays and every hour on the weekends

Duration: 15 minutes

From Center:  walk north staying on left side of road (same side of road as mayor house and culture house)… Walk through the center till end passing Orthadox cathedral.. Cross the street exiting the center and continue walking straight..  Walk is about 10 minutes  – about 1 kilm – until passing gas station on left. Now entering a small park. At the far left corner of park is a bus station for mini bus to Reghin and Peris. Take bus to Peris, Get off at first bus stop in Peris. The road – left turn – intersecting bus stop is Atilla’s street.  He is the first house on the right. Orange shade colored stucco home, 2 story with distinguishable iron fence.

Google Maps – Glodeni (tzigania village)

Google Maps – Peris (hotels / Atilla's house)