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The Gypsy Mushroom Experts
A Lifetime Foraging the Forest

Horse and wagonTrufflesMushroom huntCollected Mushrooms
horse and wagonTrufflesForaging for MushroomsCollected Mushrooms

Cristian (Cristi) Coman, speaking fluent English, will guide  
you through the world of Gypsy mushroom collecting

 Cristian is an ethnic Rom /Gypsy from Brasov who brings fifteen years of experience working in the mushroom collection and distribution business of Brasov including the hunt of the elusive truffle. He knows the types – the seasons to find them and their hiding places.  His wealth of knowledge will also explain the many other valuable medicinal flowers, herbs, fruits, berries and saps Gypsies have been foraging 
out of the Brasov forests for centuries

 Cristian along with Gypsy forager Valer and his family, who earn a living like many local Gypsies gathering fresh mushrooms, will guide you in horse and wagon through the Brasov forests where you will join in on the Gypsy hunt of mushroom.

 The event is carried out in the pristine forest of isolated Bogata (45 km north of Brasov) where Valer and his family collect mushrooms on a daily basis and his dogs sniff out truffles. This day will be enlightening yet perhaps also lucky.  The event concludes with a sampling of the days catch…. Learn the Gypsy recipes

Pristine Nature Bogata

 In addition to mushroom business Cristian Coman brings a wealth of knowledge about Roma of Brasov. He has spent twenty years as Roma-rights advocate and is knowledgeable in Gypsy lore and the culture of the Brasov Gypsies. Brasov area Gypsies are unique and unlike the other Romanian regions and groups. Learn why.

Number Persons (pax) 1 (pax) 2 3 4 5
Total 180 lei 180 250 250300
Cost per person -90836660

Note: prices do not include transportation. Transport available "at cost"


Additional OPTION is the BBQ with the Gypsies which we call “Shatra”. The fee of this is only the food (approx. 50 -100 lei depending number guests and interests)

Enjoying meal and company

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