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    The Tzigania Experience

Gypsy Music Live

     Tzigania Music Community at Ceuas, Mures
       Hostel Program - Music School - Day Visit live Gypsy Music

   "Embrace me, you sweet embraceable you… you and you alone bring out the Gypsy in me"

                                                                                                                                              Frank Sinatra

Gypsy music” is world music. Its roots are linked to Rajasthani folk to flamenco and classical rhapsodies… 
But what exactly does that mean? What is Gypsy music?

    According to Speranta Radulescu, director of musicology at the Peasant Museum in Bucharest, Gypsy music is a broad category that spreads across borders and time.  “There is no single gypsy music, Gypsy music in Romania is not the same in Spain or France.  The truth about Gypsy music is it is local and circumstantial. It is a truly valuable here and now. And another time is not the same.”

Gypsy music varies from place to place due to influences of the majority population. This is even the case in little Romania where one finds the marching band style known as Fanfare in Moldova – the orchestral styles of Transylvania – in Oltenia (Southern Romania) comes Taraful (Gypsy band) – and finally Muslim-Turkish influences of Dobruja (Black Sea coast) .

    So many different styles – nevertheless – how they relate is Gypsy musicians are musically illiterate; they cannot read nor write a single note -  but boy, can they play.  The music is improvised – always improvised. They listen to the sounds and then perform in the Gypsy style…

"You don't learn this job, you steal it,” said the great Gypsy musician Neculae Neacsu from Bucharest in 
an interview before his death.  “A true Lautari is one who, when he hears a tune, goes straight home and 
replays it from memory. The one who plays it certainly won't teach you.”     

While the Gypsy musicians regularly perform outside the community; in the theater, festival, weddings or other celebratory events - we at Tzigania have reversed the status-quo by bringing people INSIDE the Gypsy community to experience the music AND the culture that created this wonderful sound…

              Day Visit Programs

                                 for  Small and Large Groups
Celebrate the wild Music - and its Culture
Gypsy music Live

Homestay with the musicians

    Stay in the home of Shauniko, leader of the band.  It’s an architectural experience as well. The home is a century old Saxon structure, built like a fortress with lofty ceiling over a solid, built to last, foundation that is Saxon architecture. Homestay presently offers private room with two beds (second private room ready soon) . Additional room available nestled in living room with a pullout sofa bed for two. The rooms are comfortable, spacious and acoustically sound.

  Hang out and enjoy the cultural mosaic of Ceuas: old Saxon, Hungarian, and the Gypsies. Ceuas is a remote, pristine village with old fashion rustic sights and sounds. The surrounding forest makes for a fantastic – “anytime of the day” hike and seeing nature in all its glory. It’s a get away with live Gypsy music… 

Rooms include shower. The rest is old fashion including outhouse toiletry… Homestay at Ceuas is ideal for the musician – dance lover or anyone who just enjoys either or both. We have organized an interactive Gypsy school program for our guests


Gypsy music (and dance) school at Ceuas

Jam with the Gypsies

 There is more to learning Gypsy music than just reproducing sounds.

 Gypsy music comes from the emotions of life. You can’t teach that, you live it. Our program brings you into that setting. Experience the surrounding settings of the tzigania that is Gypsy music

 School instruments

School Program - jam with the Gypsies – offers our student guests minor instruments for musically or less musically inclined (various wooden flutes – harmonica – tambourines – maracas – and on-site accordion - and MORE) allowing anyone who can tap their foot to a beat to successfully participate and be a part of the Gypsy Band

  Our Gypsy music experts will bring out the Gypsy in you. They will show you the beat and once that’s 
found than the rest freely flows

 Lesson one learn the beat. Record your session. Lesson two perfect your participation; made easy with the common sense teachings of Shauniko “music is all around us. You are constantly making it, you just doesn’t realize that you are. Here, listen and then do this...”  - and he  shows you how.

Homestay Rate

Includes breakfast and dinner with the family

Homestay Rates
       1 person - 60 lei....  
       2 persons 120 lei (60 lei per person)... 
         3 persons 150 lei ( 50 lei 
per person)...
           4 persons 200 lei each
( 50 lei per person)..
                  5  persons 225 lei each ( 45 lei per person..

* Extended stay rates available

School Rates

Music School Program:

                         Jamming with the Gypsies

Learn the Gypsy style from the experts 

    1 person -  55 lei...  
    2 persons  85 lei . 
(43 lei per person)..
     3 persons 110 lei   (40 lei per person)..
       4 persons more 140 lei per-person   (37 lei per person)..
          5 persons more  170 lei per-person   (34 lei per person)..

                                                  Sessions roughly 1 - 1 1/2 hour

Have Questions?... Need more information??     Contact us at     with ANY questions
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