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Peasant - Forest Gypsy  HOSTEL  Accommodations

Our Location: 
Vilcele village, Covasna 
Easy access from Brasov
(25 km east of Brasov)
or Sf Gheorghe city
(11 km west of Sf Gheorghe)
(See bottom of page for directions) 

** The Hostel is momentarily under renovations ** completion date expected - JUNE  1, 2014

We are proud to include this unique feature of sharing the spotlight between 
the old fashioned peasants and archaic Forest-Gypsies   

  This unique position allows for an enlightening comparison of the two groups that have been living on opposite sides of the fence for centuries. The relationship provided by our program allows guests to experience not one side of the story but the two very different opinions: the marginalized peasant point of view versus the further marginalized landless Forest-Gypsy. You see the separation and hear it by what each group has to say about the other – and why.

  All our programs are designed with journalistic standards. 
We don’t “tell” you what to believe but show the facts allowing you to form your own opinions.

- Discover the undiscovered Romania -


Further reading: the gradual
extinction of the Romanian peasant:
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About Your Stay  - What to Expect...

      The Peasant family Hostel, under the care of farm owners Onty, Claudia and their son Raul is a very relaxed setting: ideal for nature lovers and hikers; pristine hills and forest surround the village. Visit the Jewish Cemetery: Remembering Rosa Goldstein. Visit the ruins of the once famed resort area. Drink the therapeutic mineral water that people travel miles to collect. Valcele Mineral Water.

    Hiking the nature trails, enjoying the barn of animals, milking the cows, making cheese, cutting the grass using the scythe (the tool of the Grim Reaper), are just a part of the long list of things to do.  For those with a romantic disposition or just liking to try something new there is the "sleeping in barn" option. The hay is soft like a pellow.... And then of course, there is our pièce de résistance, mushroom collecting with the Forest Gypsies. Take a ride in the Gypsy horse and wagon into their forest foraging for mushrooms and learn about the varieties, where to find them, how to detect "unhealthy" mushrooms - and so much more... 

ALSO - a visit to their isolated tzigania in the forest, into the home of Valsile and Donna for (coffee and cake and fresh mushroom snack cooked Gypsy style with warm gypsy bread: meet the family – meet the community.  Even go the full cycle of joining them for hawking their wares in the city market or village streets.

  Peasant Food

       The meal varies by season but the constant is 100% freshness. Vegetables come fresh from the backyard garden and the rest from the barnyard. The Romanian peasant food is all-natural – 100% natural and which culminates in a taste unlike anything you find at any 4 star restaurant.

1-  Person 45 lei 
2-  or more Persons  35 lei per person
Stay includes  peasant dinner and breeakfast - eat like a king.

* * Please note that in keeping within the goals of our community development program
there is a price for time with the Gypsies separate from the room and board rate.


* Some pre-stay advice:

 We need some notice to organize a day with Forest Gypsy family Donna and Vasile. We cannot confirm a day with them until guests have arrived. This is due to Donna and Vasile’s own schedule and need to precure work. Everyday is a struggle to feed their large family… Therefore we suggest a minimum of a 2 day visit. Day 1: settle in and relax and soak up the nature.… Day 2: “a day with the Gypsies”.

 Bus departing 5:30 PM allows for second day departure – or hangout for another kingly peasant meal and stay.
Re-visit the Gypsies and even partake in more collecting. Follow the next phase: hawking the wares... 



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