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Gabor Gypsy-House Hostel

Gypsy-House Hostel at Gabor

Stay - sit down - Relax - and Discover the Gabor Roma tribe and 
true Roma culture from inside....  

 Program:     Arrive - and meet the Gabor 

             * Guest are welcome to a daily visit of the family. 

          Please, out of respect of the Roma religious traditions –  

     we ask our guests visiting Gabor to please dress appropriately *  

 Dinner at Gabor (choice): have dinner at Gabor and sample true Roma cuisine served from Brahmin of Roma society. 
                       1 person: 30 lei - 
                       2 persons 25 lei per persons - 
                      3 (or more) persons only 20 lei per persons

** Let us know in-advance of any meal restrictions like vegetarian 
                                           or no pork - so we can adapt)

Or - use our Gypsy House Kitchen fascilities

              Breakfast: 9:00 AM (tell us if an earlier or later time desired)

Activities List: 

                             Things To Do 
                                           - during your stay at the Gypsy House

Learning CenterLearning Center    

    Proud of our ever expanding Roma Learning Center with collection of Roma literature, imagry, etc... including our    
expanding collection of short poignant booklets that bring learning to the core. Our reading and imagry supplies the background informaytion - and then at dinner see that learning in use - and/or question the source (the Roma ) 
                         Subject: The Tribes, Caste system, Romani Language (yes, learn                             Rromani), Gypsy Style and Decor. History, The trades, and so much more...

   Learn RomaniLearn Romani (Gypsy language)

A branch of our Gypsy School program: Learn the culture: Learn Rromani - Gypsy Language - by the real experts. The Gabor Girls offer classes. Come away from yoru stay knowniung the Indo0Aryan language secret language that transcends tone and space tpo their 

Dress makingDress Making

 Make a small apron or dress with Klara-Khani.

dress upIn the skin of a Roma.

Interesting little activity we developed with the GABOR GIRLS where guests dress-up in the SKIN OF THE GYPSY (Gabor-Roma style: head to toe). But more than that is important lesson in Gabor etiquette (being Gabor-Roma is not only about the clothing but an attitude, a walk, a presentation, etc)… Our most recent “actor”“Loli” (her baptized gypsy name that was means “red”. Got to have a Gypsy name). “Loli” toured the city with the Gabor girls dressed in the skin of the Roma and experienced the world through their eyes and that includes the stares, comments, closed-door-receptions and confrontations….. It’s an adventure that we call – “the experiment”…. In addition, is experiencing the double discrimination Roma women endure: discrimination OUTSIDE the community for being “gypsy” – and INSIDE for their second-class-status for being female…   

It’s interesting (an new experience), it’s adventurous (never know whats going to happen) - and FUN

                                            Activities on your own...

Base here at Gypsy-House Hostel and explore the area

Targu Mures  (15 minute bus ride) - Medieval Sighisoara (40 minute bus ride) - Sovata 
(regular bus routes to and from these locations)  

ValeniiTour Valenii, our off-the-beaten-track village   

            Off-the-beaten- track local gems:     Abondoned orthodox wooden church
                                                      -         17th century Hungarian Steeple Church 

serenityJust Hang-out and enjoy the rural Transylvanian serenity
                        The Hostel kitchen and refrigerator is at your disposal


other GaborMeet other Gabor families and expand your understanding   Join us and visit other families and caste of  Gypsy characters in the village and nieghboring villages. They each offer something uniquly different and which offers a larger picture of the bigger picture "who are Gabor?"  - "Who are the Roma?"


                              Weekly Fair (Friday)

                             Come with us to the weekly fair (Friday) and watch Gabor in their second home hawking their wares. 
                                      It's fun. It's a crazy place....


CamelotGabor Camelot

                               Come with us to see the capital of Gabor civilization   

Gypsy MusicLive Gypsy Music

                      Take advantage of our - "already inside the project rate"  and visit the "Lautari" musicians - and / or other                          Roma communities - families.  As we say around here- Make the most of the oportunities - and explore...  

Tzigania Tours …

                        Participate in our budding tour program, visiting communities and sites from a Roma/Gypsy point of view

* Keeping within the principles of our community development 
program some options incurs small charges going directly to 
Gypsy participants and/or expenses.


(1) Have Respect for others (in and outside the project) and (2) Have Fun

feel at home with the Gypsies – and enjoy your stay….


Stay as long or short as you like - Please pay on day by day basis

We are hand-to-mouth organization - money coming in goes out towards your care.


Thank You