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SerbiaThe tzigania at Glodeni – known to the locals as “Serbia” ”, like it were a “foreign land”, where live a “foreign people” speaking a “foreign language” that could just as well be “Serbian” – or to coin a phrase, ‘it’s Greek to me’ - is a community comprised of basket-makers, a trade transcending time and space to their Domba Hindu-Indian roots. This once prolific Gypsy trade is today very hard to find since the onset of industrialization and modern trade methods. The basket-making tradition of Glodeni Gypsies has endured the ravages of time by furthering their skill into a wider range of produce including furniture. The vast majority of 2000 residents earn their living from the baskets. The Glodeni Gypsies are also well known for the extraordinary Transylvanian Gypsy dance skills


Serbia functions as a cooperative society with each courtyard running its own family run basket-weaving “factory”.   The basket making is a family affair that involves all members: husband, wife, young, old, very old and also children play a role. They work the Gypsy entrepreneurial business style of following the full cycle of productivity: freely gathering the raw material - preparing the reed - weaving the baskets - and finally hawking the wares through the village streets. Centuries have passed and very little has changed; even the tools remain the same, a Gypsy knife

Basket-Makers /Dancers

Day VisitsSmall/Large Group Event
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Gypsy Dance
Workshop Program

Hostel – Homestay – Day visit for small or large groups


The Gypsy community at Glodeni invites YOU into the community to stay at Gypsy-Fest Hostel set in the very heart of tzigania by the communal well dubbed the “nightclub” because of the gathering and the music they play; once the music strikes the dancing starts up. This carries on all day and night…. “Dancing in the streets” is not a cliché here, yet when the music plays the Gypsies dance.

Gypsy Fest HostelGlodeni is a fascinating place. It’s fun and exciting and yet from a sociological perspective is full of learning. Carpe diem living and spontaneity fuel the daily routine.  Thing happen suddenly and often it’s the unexpected. You never know what is going to happen. Expect the unexpected- that is tzigania at Glodeni


Our collaberation with the community has created a wonderful opportunity for YOU, our guests.  The offered  (NW low) rate has made it economically feasible for all people: rich, poor, or student, to relax and stay a while, absorb the rhythms of tzigania and participate in some of our learning programs. Come out of your tzigania visit with much more than an memorable experience

Enjoy the commotion: the Gypsy family at work, outdoors in the open air. Watch the baskets being made in these entrepreneurial factories while horse and wagon carry in new material while men with a tower of baskets slung over their shoulder head out to hawk.

 Gypsy Fest Hostel Room A

We are happy to have created an opportunity for our guest to come in and experience yet more than that to enrich your state of mind through our Gypsy School program. We recommend participating in taking a sessions in the Gypsy house setting and learn the ancient trade passed down from father to son for over 1000 years. Bring home a craft that you can practice at home. The reed used in basket-making grew prolifically throughout Europe and spread with the Gypsies from India – with the Bosa of Armenia – through Byzantium – into the Balkans and to the far reaches of the British Isles

 Gypsy-Fest Hostel offers two, comfortable private rooms with double and single bed 

We also offer sessions in learning the dance. Learn the wild steps that you can practice in the streets with locals until you get it right – and ultimately take the wild Gypsy style to the disco back home and incorporate its new moves into your own repertoire

Stay – feel at home - be at home in tzigania and enjoy the amazing hospitality of the Glodeni Gypsies. You won’t want to leave and it’s for this reason we’ve organized the hostel stay as economic as possible for our guest to be able to stay and participate and help us spread new incomes into the community


making baskets 


LOCATION: We are at Glodeni, Mures, Romania: cenetered between Targu Mures City and town Reghin. 
Public transportation to and from us on regular basis. Various travel options and directions coming soon. 


basketHouse and Basketsdancingbasketmaking

Participate in our Gypsy school program

 Learn Basket making – Learn the dance – Learn Gypsy cuisine

 We have developed programs to enrich your stay and bring incomes into participating families. We are a community development program that works with entire community


    Spend time with the tradesmen and learn the craft. The Gypsy maestro will teach the process from start (the form) to the finish weaving techniques. Take home your own Gypsy made basket…

lesson basket

   There is more to the art than just weaving. In addition to the weaving class we offer participation classes in ( A) Gathering and (B) Curing process

    Participation in the collecting process. In this case head out with the family and gather the riverbank material as they did 1000 years ago and still to this day.

    Preparing the Reed: This lesson teaches the methods of preparing the types of reed in use in the “green” baskets – and creating the white reed by the cooking and curing process…

 Session 1 – 1 ½ hour 30 lei per person. 2 or more persons just 25 lei each

         GYPSY DANCE Lessons

dance teachers

The Dance… learn the wild- hyperactive – Transylvanian Gypsy dance taught by the experts

Session 1 – 1 ½ hour 30 lei per person. 2 or more persons just 25 lei each

                      e-mail ANY questions                                                                                                                                     Phone: +(40) 758 55 66 70

the dancemaking basketsswinginglearning the trade