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Tzigania Hostel at Valcele

Back to Nature
Winter Rate

Number Persons Total fee / Group fee
1 person15 lei *
2 person20 lei (10 lei each person) *
3 person30 lei (10 lei each person) *
4 person40 lei (10 lei each person) *

 * + single daily fee of 20 lei wood consumption (Heat)
"it's cold outside"
(wood will be supplied on daily basis and fire started for your comfort)

Dormitory Accommodations (single shared room) - Numerous Beds - Humble conditions (well water /outhouse)
stay as long or short a period as you like

Meal Program
(with Tsaran: village peasants) for all natural, home grown: farm or barn fresh - Romanan Peasant Meal
 Eat at the house: Kitchen, refridgerator, condiments and staples- FREELY available for your use


Meet the Forest Gypsies (Mushroom Collecting)

Meal with the Peasant
Peasant Romanian Meal Program

Hang out with the Peasants (tsaran)

Milk the cows. gather eggs, Scythe the tall a peasant

Hike the Hills
(use our routes or make your own and explore)

Visit the Jewish Cemetery
Remembering Roza Goldstein

Some down time - enjoy our Exclusive Roma Learning Center

Day Visit Ciy Brasov or Sfantu Gheorghe (Saint George city)

The Gypsy Catholic Church

Participate in our KHASHTALO Woodworking Workshop
Khashtao Basket-making Workshop

and MORE...

Contact us with ANY questions:
(+40) 758 55 66 70

Hostel at ValceleHostel RoomsLearning Center

Hostel Kitchen

Room Hostel Valcele

Exclusive booklets
Exclusive booklets at Learning Center

Room Entrance

Hostel (dormitory accommodations) - Learning Center including our exclusive booklets - and humble kitchen 

Available now to our  hostel guests

Khashtalo (Gypsy) Woodcarving workshop

Learn from Iacob, master Gypsy craftsmen 
the woodcarving skills of his forefat

Learn the figurine skill changing this.... 

 Woodworking Workshop

 into this.... 

Woodworking Workshop Figurines

 ...and take home a most unforgettable souvenir 

Contact us for more info...

Woodworking Workshop VIDEO link
Khashtalo Workshop VIDEO Link

Our Location and Directions
Location: Village Valcele county Covasna.
25 km east of Brasov
 (Brasov – villages SanPetru – Bod - Araci – Valcele – Sf Gheorghe (11 km west of city Sf Gheorghe) 
Arriving By CAR
Various routes to our location (less than 20 minutes frm Brasov and 15 minutes from Sfantu Gheorghe). The following link will take you to our location at Google Maps: Valcele, Covasna, Romania. Choose the direction option: write in where departung from and the program will offer option. Choose your prefered route.  
In Valcele

Arriving From Brasov: Entering Valcele. Follow winding road past the park on right - and then follow slope into village center
passing Catholic church on the hill on the left - communal well and abandon school on left. About 20 meters after the well come upon small bridge. Take the left hand turn onto gravel road just before the bridge. That corner house on opposite side of the stream is us. Iron bridge crosses the stream into our front gate. WELCOME! 

Arriving From Sfantu Gheorghe:
Road leading into Valcele is boardered by series of homes. You come upon small narrow bridge. Take immediate right hand turn after bridge onto gravel road. We are that corner house on the opposite side of the stream. 
Iron bridge crosses the stream into our front gate. WELCOME!
By BUS departing from BRASOV
Bus to Valcele departs at bus station at Brasov “gara de north” (main train station). Bus departs Mon-Fri: 7:30 AM / 4 PM / 7:30 PM. Sat and Sun: 7:30 / 4 PM  (40 minutes – 6 lei). Step down at Valcele (last stop).

   Continue along the main road in the direction of the bus, pass the village center, then up the hill, pass a church on your left, followed by communal well (on left). About 20 meters after the well is a small bridge. Take the left hand turn just before the bridge and follow the stream… We are the 1st house on the right. Cross at the iron bridge


  At Brasov “gara de north” (main train station): On left hand side facing the train station is a single bus stop to Sf. Gheorghe. Bus departs every half hour/ every hour on weekends.. (30 minutes:  10 lei)

  Bus from Sf, Gheorghe to Valcele departs 1 PM and 4 PM. Bus can be met at the main bus terminal (near train station) and city center bus stop (in front of park. In front of row of flower shops)

Contact us with ANY questions
Phone (May-Nov):
Phone: (+40) 758 55 66 70

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