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Exclusive Articles

TitleSubjectAuthor / DateComments
Gypsy Chic
From Bohemianism to Boho - The Advent of Gypsy Style in Popular Culture
Cultural/ FashionChuck Todaro 2/15

The double-take that European were experiencing in the Gypsy presence continued right up to the changing attitudes of the 19th century; bohemianism was born and the foreboding Gypsy transformed from boogieman to an inspiration

visual presentation of Romani Fashion
Cultural/ FashionChuck Todaro 2/15

”…the gypsy dress is one of the world’s most recognizable costumes – not for its uniformity – but rather its focus 
on being “outstanding”.

Why the Gypsies got it Right
essay on Roma Soceity

SociologyChuck Todaro 6/14

“Tzigania (the Gypsy community) is a diamond in the rough”...
Why Gypsies shouldn't be more like us - but we could be more like them …

Understanding the True Roma Character
Gypsy life can be dull - but it's never boring
sociologicalChuckTodaro 6/14

What’s in a Name
The bounty of “Gypsy” appellation

-Roma Religion has a Name-
Discovering Romanipen
AnthroplogicalChuck Todaro 1/14Explaining the Roma religion
Truth 'n Lies about
the magic, begging, thieving 
AnthroplogicalChuck Todaro 1/14Honest look at the fortunelettling - beggimg and stealing stereoytype
Meet the GaborsMemoirsChuckTodaro 1/14Excerpt from Chuck Todaro's forthcoming book
Gypsy Kings and Rag Pickers
Dissecting Romanu:
 Etymological Study of the Language
LinguisticsChuckTodaro 1/14  
The Roma Caste SystemsociologicalChuckTodaro 2013Understanding the Caste System of Romania;s Roma Community
Khashtalo - The Untouchables
CulturalChuckTodaro 2013
Pushkin and the GypsiesCulturalChuckTodaro 2013
The Gypsy Camp - Happiest Place on EarthCulturalChuckTodaro 2013
Gypsies in the ArtsCulturalChuckTodaro 2013
African-American - Gypsies Cultural RelationshipSociologyChuckTodaro 2013
Tzigania: the Gypsy HomelandSociologyChuckTodaro 2012
The Roma - Jewish RelationshipCultureChuck Todaro 2012
Roma Vs. TziganCultureChuck Todaro 2012
Roma Cuisine - What is Gypsy Food?CuisineChuck Todaro 2//12Gypsy Food
SOCKSCostume Chuck Todaro 1/12Footware
Day of the Dead, Gypsy StyleChuck Todaro 12/11Gypsy Halloween
  Roma Day in Eastern Europe: Assessing       Roma RightsHuman RightsChuck Todaro 4/10Towards Freedom Magazine
Gypsies Celebrate Roma Day, Yet Fear       ReignsHuman RightsChuck Todaro 4/09Towards Freedom Magazine
Gypsies' Restless FaithReligionChuck Todaro 6/08National Catholic Reporter
  Gypsy MadnessFestivalChuck Todaro 1/07Dazed and Confused Magazine (UK)

Links to Article and Things of Interest

Some choice links we feel may be useful in better understanding the Roma experience


University of Manchester’s Romani Linguistics Webpage (a wealth of information)

Rombase: wealth of cultural and historical information

Background on the GABOR tribe

Save The Children report on cultural identities of Ursari, Kaldarash, Spoitori, Gabor and Transylvanian Roma. (English text begins at Page 81)

History and Culture: European Union Fact Sheet:


Some pertinent Facts related to Roma social issues


ARTICLE: case exemplifying Roma migration: Roma Immigrants Find 'Paradise' in Troubled Berlin District


VIDEO: Sulukule, Turkey: world’s oldest inhabited Romani district presently under threat of demolition

Entertaining film and essay on the treatment of Romani people and culture in Western Cinema

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