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                    Tzigania Project introduces....



"pop-up" Restaurant - 2016

  Re-inventing vaudeville - Gypsy style

Tzigania Restaurant maximizes the appetites into an experience of  
taste – sight – sound – and participation.
Join our community for a few hours and "bring out the Gypsy in you"

            Tzigania Restaurant is authentic nomad Rom-Gypsy cuisine and a show

Roma Restuarant
                           LOCATION and DATES
  • Gypsy-Fest Restaurant – tzigania, Glodeni village, Mures county Romania
  • Rromani Mexeli Roma Restaurant – Valenii, Mures, Romania
  • Satra Experience –  (location and dates pending)


  • Every Sunday begining July 3….
    Time: 5- 8 PM (Satra: 7:30 – 10:30 PM)
    Reservations required

       Contact us for custom dates fitting your group schedule.

                       What is….  

           Gypsy-Fest Restaurant at Glodeni

The outdoor restaurant is a saturation of the Gypsy experience: Gypsy taste - sights  - sounds – and aromas…
Set in the very heart of the tzigania community surrounded by full Gypsy ambience.  Your meal comes with 
a side order of an all-day show of live Gypsy music – dance performances – non-stop Gypsy fire -  and more…


           The SATRA Restaurant

     The atmosphere shifts from settled Gypsy atmosphere to the nomadic days by relocating its tables 
to the Shatra – the Gypsy camp – in the forest clearing by the stream for an old-fashioned nomadic
Gypsy experience with music, dance and nomadic dishes cooked outdoors in the camp....  
Shatra event  8-10:30 PM. Fire – music – dance – and meal outdoors - underneath the stars
(Satra dates not yet established)

Live Music

               The Entertainment

                                     Music – Dance – Gypsy Fire and more …


Live music performing the various sounds of Gypsy music from somber background ambience to
wild, chaotic, knee-slapping dance music and song. A
dance floor area invites our guest to get up,
absorb and fully enjoy.  Guests are advised to bring their dancing shoes.
 Entertainment also includes our own
troupe of Gypsy- Fest dancers
performing the outrageous, hyperactive Transylvanian-Gypsy style dance.

Click-Here for sample of Transylvanina-Gypsy Style Dance

                         A blazing Gypsy-fire adds a heightened glow to the atmosphere.     Gypsy-Fire

                   Our other entertainment options include:

 Wagon ride tour of tzigania allowing guests to experience more of the community.  
Horse and wagon takes guest through the three differing tzigania neighborhoods with
stops along the way to experience the famed basket-making trade of Glodeni Gypsies 
that roots back to their Indian origins – plus visit - tasting tour of the neighboring tuica factory


                           Tzigania Restaurant is about offering options.
                        We offer options as a means of making our exclusive program affordable to all people and their budget.
                        Tzigania community is about sharing – and we bring this concept into the way we work our programs

** Notes - these are preliminary rates to be confirmed by May 2016

                                         Rates include:

 (1)  Table Rate  

+ (2) Food and Drink  + (3) Activity Options

20 lei each additional seatPrivate Table *
100 lei for 4 persons. (maximum 6 at a table) 
(See Menu)Wagon Ride Tour
45 lei per person.
(2 person minimum)

Group table
30 lei per person

Come for the show and a couple drinks (appetizers are served at bar)Bar Stool
30 lei per person
Glodeni wicker chars and tables

* Table settings are comfortable and stylish wicker table and chairs
 Made in Tzigania by the Glodeni Gypsy.

P.S.  Coming Soon ...   Tzigania Catering Program 2016 ...   Entertainment and Food

We'll bring it all to YOU

                                                            Meal - Show - and an Experience

                    What is Roma-Gypsy Cuisine?

      The Gypsy flavor is an evolution of over 1000 years - 4000 mile journey blending the cultural taste of the majority with the carpe-diem Gypsy character and nomadism lifestyle. The Europeans cultivated the valleys while Gypsies freely foraged the forests, fields and riverbeds in search of their daily bread… This beautiful mix is our Gypsy Cuisine

* *  Menu  * *

Appetizer - -  Main meal - - Side Dish - - Dessert  - - Drinks  - - Special Deals


* Zumi - home made Gypsy Soup of the Day

* Grilled Meat Platter......  Combination of grilled meats and special sauce

* Combination of fresh village cheese, meats and vegitables platter

 appetizer slanina and cheese


 * King Salad – assortment of vegitables, cheeses and meats into royal salad

 * Cabbage salad – spicy and sweet cabbage, carrot, cucumber and tomato

 * Pickled salad 


* * Gypsy Goulash. .......  combination of meat and vegetables. Spicy

 *  Goulash Vegetarian

The Nomad Grilled Meat Platter * The Nomad:  Grilled meat platter with chicken… 
       Grilled chicken and sausages with special sauce

* * Nomad "Shak- Te-Mas".....Sauteed cabbage        
                     with smoked-spicy baby-back pork ribs 

* * * Khani Chor (stolen chicken) .....… half free-range chicken. Grilled.
                                                   All-natural. From the village

* Gypsy Sarmalli… Spicy chopped meat rolled inside cured cabbage leaves. Extra Large

Fresh Fish Glodeni

* Fresh fish: Catch of the Day

    * * * Tocanita Chicken ….
 Chicken stewed in creamy white or red sauce
     * * Mamaliga and pork with special sauce


Gypsy Food chicken and rice       Gypsy Food    Gypsy food
   Tocanita                                  Shak-te-Mas                        Mamaliga and Pork


( served with main meal)

* Creamy Mash potatoes
* Sautéed vegetable mix
* Grilled vegitable mix
* The Gypsy Favorite - Mamaliga and cheese (cornbread and cheese)



* Freshly made Gypsy cake of the day. All-natural Village made. 
* Kave (coffee)
* Tea


* Sparkling Mineral Water 
* Cola Soda

* Ice-Beer 
* Mol (village wine)

* Tuica.... Gabor Golden Tuica (mild)  
* Tuica Special of the Day (strong)

Music - dance - food and fun

Contact us with ANY question
Phone: +(40) 74 191 2180 (unavailable at number till May 2016 )






Gypsy-Fest Restaurant is located in the center of tzigania at Glodeni.
Reach us by bus or car (directions)

We offer transport service to and from Glodeni bus stop or vicinity city or town.
Our program also offers comfortable accommodations at Gypsy-Fest  hostel 
or more private homestay accommodations 

Contact us for more information

Phone: +(40) 74 191 2180 (unavailable at number till May 2016 )