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Our Clothing-line is Roma-Gabor fashion
Gabor are Roma - Gabor are a Roma tribe - Gabor are a civilization

Gabor - a Nation Without BordersGabor Dress Codes (Female)

hile other Gypsy groups tend to cluster as a means of security and self-preservation, the Gabor clan of Transylvania spreads wide and far while still retaining that indispensable unity of the clan.
Kalaposho House

    The Gabor nation is divided into three distinct classes led by the regal “Kalaposho” (Gabor with hat) tradesmen

followed by blue-collar tradesman known as Cokanoso (Gabor with hammer) and finally, the excluded labor class dubbed “kind of Gabor”.    

kind of gabor
Lonely, low- level "kind of Gabor"

    While other Roma groups maintain a culture and preferred style of living – Gabor strength of its unity and values has developed a civilization, complete with its own capital location, specific laws, justice system, belief system, traditions, sacraments, social etiquette, style - and distinct Roma-Gabor vogue.

    The most visible feature of the Roma- Gabor style is elegance combined with flamboyancy. There is an intense pride accompanying the wearing of the regal colors of the Gabor nation. Gabor style is colorful, flowery, sparkling, animated, and excessive - from the “dilkho” head covering all the way down to their rainbow socks. They stand out in a crowd as the “blingiest” star in the sky.

Gabor style    “Bling”, popularized by “My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding” series – are not a Gypsy to be confused with the vogue of the traditional Roma; traditional Roma costume combines beauty - functionality and spirituality.

      The dress is divided into two parts: the wrap around dress under an ornamented apron, adding more sparkle to the colorful outfit as well as a protective flap over the concealed money-pocket attached to the center of the dress.   While “aprons” are commonly designed to keep stains and other unwanted blemishes off the wearer – the Roma apron reverses that function as keeping impurities (maxrime) from escaping outward. The apron acts as metaphysical “lead shield” keeping radioactive female impurities “in” and thus protecting the family from contamination and destroying all that is good – all that is pure – all that is Rom. The shielding apron is a major part of the dress code and worn at all times

   Roma dualism ideology appears in the dress codes with the equator of the impure lower portion of the body and pure upper body forming at the waistline, thus allowing the less regulated covering of the upper body to present itself in more various levels of outlandishness.

   Roma clothing is designed to be worn loose and baggy, showing off the woman’s shapely hourglass figure.  Unlike western perception of the beautiful skinny female, Roma favor the voluptuousness of Mother Goddess; they adore the shapelier figure with a little “meat on the bones”.