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                         Treasure Trove of miscellaneous item of and by Roma and more…

             We have....   

                           Tarot Cards
                              Hungarian Playing cards /Tarot cards
                                 Tzigania Booklets

                                  and More coming soon...

Roma jewelry maker

Rings made by traditional  Roma jeweler (Argintari) Mircea Craciun
Sizes: 6 / 6.25 / 7.25 / 8 / 8.5
$ 15

Roma ring

Roma ring

           Gypsy Tarot cards

Tarot Cards

   Gypsy Tarot Cards

  Coming to us from the experts…  
   Recommended by our friendly "chohani        
   Trandafir" (witch Trandafir) who uses this    
   brand of tarot cards.

Impress your friends – bewilder them - try them out and learn if you are blessed with the gift
(few are
– yet many of the few don’t know it…) There is only one way to find out….


      Gypsy Tarot cards: 
         sealed package of 36 cards full of life.
         Comes with leaflet explaning how to use. 

                          Order # Tarot Cards ...  $11  pack


Tarot Cards

 Tarot Cards
Tarot Cards

            Tell Cards - Hungarian Playing cards - "Magyar Kartya"

Tell cards    

Tell Cards -Hungarian Playing cards - "Magyar Kartya" 

These cards also readily used by the witches in fortunetelling (Trandafir preferred) - also as playing cards popular in the Hungarian cafe's
Order # Tell Cards ... $ 8 pack

Tell Cards
Tell Cards

Card game rules using 
Hungarian Tell cards

Tell Cards

“How to”
Fortune telling with Hungarian Tell cards


Our “exclusive” Roma Learning Center booklets now available on-line

Offering a concise explanation of tzigania topics coming from the source.... Made in tzigania… 
A great deal of information you won’t find anywhere else.

Booklet About Gabor
Order # BK Gabor

   Amen Sam Gaborure – 
                    We are Gabor

 Gabor – “Kaco Rom” (true Rom) are a perserverant tribe of traditional Roma following their ancestral traditions and a belief system that spans time and space to their Hindu-Indian origins. 16 pages


Who are Gabor 

The Three Pillars of Roma self-identity



                 Gabor Phraseology

       Purity (dress codes)

                        Female Dress

                        Male Dress


Gabor History as we Know it

 Gabor Society



Booklet Romani Language
Order # BK Language

Romani Language
 "surrounded by gadje, the Roms only defense is his tongue”…. Romani people have survived much in part because the language has survived….

  Examines the evolution of the Romani language – secrets of the past are revealed through etymology. Also examines the four main Romani dialects, variations, causes and more... 16 pages

Romani – the language
Diaspora: Dom-Lom-Rom
Dialectal Word list
The Power of language
The Power of language – names
Gypsy Appellations
Learn Romani (Gabor dialect)
Romani Proverbs

Booklet Style and Decor
Order # BK Style

Roma - Gypsies Style and Décor 

  Reveals what is Roma/Gypsy style and décor, its motivation and stimuli. Booklet examines the various tribal dress styles, Gypsy architecture, interior/exterior décor, colors, symbols and more. 16 pages

What is Roma Style and Decor
Architecture and Design
    Gypsy Palaces
The Roma Altar
Gypsy Colors
Romani Flag
Roma National Anthem
Roma Dress
Gabor - Kalderash - Cortarari - Florari- Horahani - Ursari - Khashtalo
Gypsy Chic

Welcome Booklets
Order # BK Welcome

Tzigania Welcome Book: Understanding The Romas and Their Cultures

24 page booklet of Roma history and cultures with a focus on those commonly overlooked cultural stimuli assisting in a fuller understanding of the complex history and culture of the Romani people…    

The Romani People are
Psychology of the migration
Short History of the Roma of Romania
Chronology: important moments in history

All About Modon: the Gypsies second homeland

The Caste System

The Middleman minority Effect
The theory Roma culture is a product of economics

The Romani-Jewish Relationship
African-American and Gypsy relationship 

Proverbs… Understanding the Roma/Gypsy experience from an inside - and – outside perspective

ORDER as item 1 – single booklet at $4….. or as Item 2 – 2 bookles at $6….. or Item 3 as 3 or more booklets at 2.50 each

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