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            Silver Filigree Jewelry of the Syriac-Christians of Tur Abdin

Jewelry with a History

Tur Abdin of south-east Turkey is the heartland of the Aramaic-speaking Christian community, a people dating back over 3000 years
to the Assyrian civilization between 2000 BC - and 7th Century AD.

The Aramaic speaking Assyrians once again appeared on the historical radar as the first people to convert to Christianity.
Their language, Aramaic, was the language of Christ and his followers.

The Syriac Christians of today are the faces of the apostles.


      The Syriac Christians of Tur Abdin are renowned for their traditional filigree style jewelry. Filigree is the intricate weaving of fine silver and gold wire into richly ornamental Mesopotamian designs.  Traces of filigree jewelry have been uncovered at Assyrian archeological sites dating back thousands of years.  The art form has transcended time and space as an inherent tradition passed  from father to son since before the 15th century where their unique jewelry making style known as “Telkari” was invented

These beautiful ornamented figures are hand made in the traditional method by Gerbo Tokgoz from the central Syriac Christian community of Midyat in South-East Turkey.

   Gerbo Tokgoz and the Syriac artisans perserver from sales to the occasional tourist and locals still appreciating the traditional style. Filigree artisans are a dying breed, being pushed out by modern changes in the way we shop and the machinery producing mass  quantities of soulless merchandise    Gerbo

                 Marco Polo and Tzigania Project is bringing precious gems and their histories out of the shadows into mainstream markets - preserving traditions while supporting are craftsmen through trade


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.... hand made by Gerbo Tokoz
moon and stars
Moon and Stars
 2 inch dangling
$ 26
The Armored Man
2 inch dangling  
$ 26


Love Birds
2 inch dangling
$ 18
1.75 inch dangling
$ 12

2 inch dangling  
$ 26
serpentine detail

Azur detail

2 inch dangling
$ 24


Filigree Heart
Ring: size # 8
$ 10

Filigree mask

Filigree Mask
Ring: size # 7
$ 10
Filigree Mask


bracelet Tulip
8 inch length / width 1/2 inch
$ 38
detail Tulip

7 inch length / width 5/8 inch
$ 38
braceletta detail

Love Birds
7 inch length / width 1/2 inch
$ 28

Love Birds detail

evil eye bracelet

Evil Eye 
8 inch length / width 1/2 inch
$ 38

evil eye bracelet

Love Birds the Necklace
Love Birds Necklace 
Length 19 inches - 1-1/8 Length
$ 62
necklace details

Sayfo - The Sword

Genocide at Tur Abdin


    Oppression - persecution, exile and genocide has plagued the Syriac-Christian community since the Islamic conquests of the 7th century - into the “forgotten genocide” of the 20th century and the present genocides under a new wave of Islamic fanaticism.

    The genocide of 1914-1920 referred to by the Syriac Christians as “Sayfo” (the sword) was the massacre and deportation of the non-Muslim population of Turkey carried out by organized bands of Turkish militia known as “killing squads” – Kurds and Arab brigands.  The killings were carried out by firing squads, decapitation, drownings, thrown off cliffs, fire and buried alive. Surviving women, children and elderly were put to flight forced outside Turkish borders. Along the way many were subjected to sexual abuse and kidnappings while others died from exposure, disease and starvation.  The countryside was littered with Christian corpses.

    Estimates on the overall death toll have varied between of 275,000 - 300,000, about half of the population. The exact numbers are unknown however Tur Abdin’s once vital Syriac Christian population of about 80,000 before 1914 today holds on to under 3,000.

    The genocide of the Syriac-Christian community has never ended yet continues in the form of the Turkish authority’s refusal to acknowledge the genocide while simultaneously criminalizing anyone contradicting the denial.  Other attempts of destroying the lingering community have continued from forbidding repairs of Syriac religious and cultural structures, outlawing teaching of the language (a law only recently lifted since Turkey’s attempts to enter EU), and an unbalanced justice system. The dwindling Syriac-Christian community continues to flee their Tur Abdin homeland out of fear while those who remain survive quietly, peacefully, and always on guard.

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