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Elegant – Absolutely Fabulous - Eclectic - Roma / Gypsy Scarves

Klara Khani choosing scarf

We are so pleased to offer such a rich, eclectic Roma/Gabor selection of style color and fabrics

 These items reflect like no other the passionate Roma vogue and its varieties of cursive patterns and colors. The Romni (female) costume is an important aspect of the culture that reflects indigenous Roma religious values, elegance and vitality

 The Headscarf (dilko) is an extremely important part of the wardrobe that reflects the woman’s identity.   Headscarves stand in as the wedding ring at the Roma marriage. The wedding day changing of the hair is the moment she throws off her childhood ribbons and becomes a woman - and therefore the chosen style and color has an extremely important and personal significance

The elegance of the headscarf reflects her role as wife - mother and future matriarch of the clan – while the excessive color, pattern and sparkle (all that “bling”) represents the vitality and fertility of her womanhood

We find our treasures through our long relationships with the Gabor family merchants. Our meetings by the fire are where East (The preserved Rromani-Indian relationship ) meets West (the Bohemians) … It all began 200 years ago after the “starving artist” began settling into the low-rent district, aka the Gypsy neighborhood, and the bohemian said to the Gypsy - "hey, I like how that looks on you..." and the rest is history

Absolutely Fabulous Roma scarves can be worn in a variety of means as embellishng you wardrobe or home.  The various headscarf patterns are commonly found throughout the Gypsy home as settings over table tops or hanging wall décor like flowering vines

Elegant – Absolutely Fabulous - Eclectic - Roma / Gypsy Scarves


"Les Miserables"

Dilko # 01

 Wool. Soft and luxurious
Frizzy ornamental tassles. Size:
36" x 36"

$ 22  

Satin Flowers
Satin Flowerssatin flowerssatin Flowers

Satin Flowers

Dilko # 02

 Strong glistening sheen. Glistening interwoven gold stitch. Soft and luxurious.
Size: 36" x 36"

$ 16

Mesmerizing FlowerMesmerizing FlowerMesmerizing Flower
beaded sequin
Mesmerizing Flower

Mesmerizing Swirl
simple yet luxurious

Dilko # 03

 Glistening swirling  with beaded sequin fabric. Decorative  white floral lace bordering. 
Size: 40" x 40"

$ 14  
sheer fusionsheer fusionsheer fusionsheer fusion

Sheer Fusion

Dilko # 04

 Soft and fluffy sheer fabric with red -black color fusion. Beaded Lace across bottom edge. 
Size: 40" x 40"

$ 16  

sheer loop tasslessheer loop tassles

Simply Magenta

Dilko # 05

 Magenta colored sheer material. Subtle degree of light reflecting sequin beads added producing a subtle sparkle. Stringy white looping lace outlines scarf. 
Size: 36" x 36"

$ 12  
Sheer String Tassles Gold StitchSheer String Tassles Gold StitchSheer String Tassles Gold Stitch   Sheer String Tassles Gold StitchSheer String Tassles Gold Stitch

The Princess

Dilko # 06

 Pure elegance through balanced dregree of ornamentation from sparkling gold stitch through  sheer magenta between  dangling pure-white lace borders.  
Size: 35" x 35"


Red Sheer Loop Tassle Gold DotRed Sheer Loop Tassle Gold DotRed Sheer Loop Tassle Gold DotRed Sheer Loop Tassle Gold Dot

Gold Nugget Sheer

Dilko # 07

 Sheer red with against bright white lace edging. Body illuminated with  sparkling gold stitch and blasts of various solid gold  circles.    Size: 35" x 35"


Red Sheer Gold DotRed Sheer Gold DotRed Sheer Gold DotRed Sheer Gold Dot

Gold Dot  

Dilko # 08

 Elegant sheer material ornamated with gold dots between circular  white lace. 
Size: 40" x 40"


Purple sheer streaks of gold lightPurple Sheer Streaks of Gold LightPurple Sheer Streaks of Gold LightPurple Sheer Streaks of Gold Light

Princess (purple)

Dilko # 09

 Pure elegance through balanced dregree of ornamentation from glimmer through horizontal gold thread  between  laced borders.  
Size: 35" x 35"

$ 14  

Satin Flower PatternSatin Flower PatternSatin Flower PatternSatin Flower Pattern

Abstract Flower Garden

Dilko # 010

 Wearing art. Colorful pattern over satin scarf with additional glimmer coming off inlayed gold stitch. Size: 30" x 28"

$ 12  

Pink Bohemian
color pink
Pink Bohemian
color pink
Pink BohemianPink Bohemian


Dilko # 011

 Saying 'no' to Mr. Trump with elegance. Shimmering blend of pink and silver threading through body of scarf out through pink-silver tassled borders.... Slight damage.  Weathered stretch. smal unobtrusive tear
Size: 35" x 33"

ScarfPosh scarvesSheer Green DotSheer Green

Gold Valley 

Dilko # 012

 Sheer green material with brilliant white lace edging. Various light refelcting, solid gold circles embellish green body .  Size: 36" x 36"


Lovely ShadesLovely shades
scarvesLovely Shades

Rusty Fusion

Dilko # 013

 Orange-red blend bordered by white tassle lacing. Carries a subtly elegant  appearance.  
Size: 38" x 33"

$ 12  

ShawlGreen Shawl
shawlgreen shawl

Arabesque Shawl

Shawl # 01

 Wearing art.  Richly ornamented, light reflecting sequin floral pattern. Ornamental tassels.  Shawl can be worn in various ways.   Single item allows for  various appearances.  Size: 64" x 24"


Traditional Head scarf
Traditional FloralTraditional Floral

Tradition Roma Scarves

 Traditional Roma Floral Pattern. Interwoven golden sparkle thread giving  proud  luminating shine
Size: 28" x 28"
Red-Yellow-Dark Green- Light Green - Orange 

Our Over Supply Sale
just $11

traditional scarf orange
Byzantine Head scarf Byzantine Roma scarf


 Baroque style. Colors: Red – Yellow – Dark Green – Purple. Sizes 28" x 28"

Regularl price 
Large Supply Sale

only $15

Byzantine head scarves

SOLD 2016
Scarf detail
Posh roma scarvesScarf
SOLD 2016
scarfRoma ScarvesSOLD 2016


                               GIPSI DANCE ATTIRE
                                        Bringing out the Gypsy in you

Gipsi Dance Costume

Gipsi Dance Wear


Bikini Top and Pull on Skirt 

Skirt length  - 21"
Elastic waist
unstretched: 24" 
Gold coin ornamentation.

Colors:  Yellow / Purple / Light Green

Price = $ 24

The Gipsi

Gipsi Dance Wear
Gipsi A
Gipsi AGipsi Dance Wear

Gipsi Dance Wear

Gipsi Dance Wear


Shield Top and Pull on Skirt  

Skirt length  - 13"
Elastic waist 
unstretched - 20"

Gold coin ornamentation.

Colors: Yellow / Pink  / Dark-Green

Price = $ 14

Gipsi Dance Wear

Gipsi Dance Wear

Giipsi Dance WearGipsi Dance Wear Detail

gypsy waist shawlgypsy scarfGypsy scarf
gypsy waist shawl "Gypsy" silver coin  hip scarf
  Order # GCS
(red - purple or orange)

  Price: $12


gypsy headscarf orange

gypsy scarf detail

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- Gabor custom Leather shoes -

Gabor custom shoesLeatherGabor backless shoesOnly Roma-Only Gabor
shoes 37 "Authentic - Only Gabor - custom  Leather made shoes (Gabor-Roma Style.
  Order # Shoes37
  Description: backless.
  Size US 6.5 /EU 37
  Price: $ 
   ... in stock (1) pair
- SOLD -
Shoes 37Gabor shoes 37
Gabor shoes 38 "Authentic" -  Only Gabor - custom Leather made shoes  
  Order # Shoes38
  Size US 7.5 /EU 38
Price: $ 50
 ... in stock (1) pair
shoe 38shoe 38
shoe 39 "Authentic" -  Only Gabor - custom Leather made shoes  
  Order # Shoes39
  Size US 8.5 /EU 39
Price: $ 50
 ... in stock (2) pairs
shoe 39gabor shoe 39
gabor shoesgabor shoesgabor shoesgabor shoes

About Gabor and their Socks
ROMA - GABOR SOCKS... Roma style is all-incompassing and which goes from head down all the way down to the toes
Gabor socks style all encompassing  Gabor socks style from head to toe  Gabor socks style from head to toe  Gabor socks  Gabor socks style from head to toes
     Roma Gabor Style Socks    Roma Gabor Socks     Roma Gabor Socks     Roma Gabor Socks      Roma Gabor Style Socks
       # KSS           #BOW          #BOW             # KSS                                                     # STRP                                                        # STRP                                        # STRP
       # blu 01        pink               purple              pink 01       brown 01      blu 01                  tan 01        blu 01       Org/Fin 01                     gray 01           purple 01                  blu 01      Org/thik 01   
  Roma Gabor Socks                            Roma Gabor Socks                            Roma Gabor Socks     
                        # Yellow-Tomato                            # Orange Stripe                                                 # Bow Blu                               

- Cotton Socks from the Gabor Store -
 $ 3 pair or $ 2.50 per pair for two or more... or four or more at $ 2 per pair

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