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Your Roma / Gypsy Clothing Guide

Learn More About the Roma Clothing – Guide To Wear and Maintain Your Roma Skirts - Aprons and Gypsy Scarves

Roma Style - Absolutely Fabulous

   The first layer consists of a pleated wrap-around skirt centered by a pocket dubbed the “money pocket” -  then covered by a pleated apron adorned with lace trimmings and two functional side pockets. This double layer of fabric forms the lower body dress code. The apron supplies metaphysical values and aesthetics of pastel color schemes, floral patterns combined with ornamental lace, sequins, ruffles and ribbons.

Roma clothing is worn loose and baggy while still showing off the woman’s shapely hourglass figure.  Unlike western perception of the beautiful skinny female, Roma favor the voluptuous Mother Goddess, preferring a more robust, shapelier figure with “meat on the bones”.

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Roma–Gabor Skirts/apron consist of 10+ meters of fabric (11 yards) consisting of up to 3 lbs. (1.4 kilograms).
Material is imported from Middle-East and the Orient. 
The material is manually pleated and fashioned into exclusive Roma style (Gabor tribe)

How To Wear your Apron / Skirt as the Roma Do  


The wrap around dress is fastened in the front.  Most every skirt is equipped with front pocket, dubbed the money pocket which sits over the crotch. The pocket and wrap around seam is then covered by the apron.

Roma Wrap around skirts allows one size to fit many and which compliments the sharing lifestyle of the Roma/Gypsies. Our waist measurements are of the maximum length allowed. The skirt will fit any size at or below the listed waist size.

Skirts are fastened with button or commonly used safety pin. Each skirt supplied with button to apply for your personal size and durable safety pin for immediate use.

Length: Roma dresses are properly worn covering entire leg and ankles to the instep

How To Wear Roma Headscarf Gabor Style




Dresses / Aprons can be machine washed on gentle cycle however Tzigania recommends hand wash. 
Simple and quick method of submersing and gently swirling skirt/apron within basin of soapy water followed by rinse and hanging out to dry. Hang in vertical fashion so to keep pleated crease


Maintaining Pleated Crease

The creases keep shape - however ironing effectively stiffens creases.



Hanging your Aprons/Dresses

(1) Skirts are folded along the waist line

Hanging your skirt/apron

(2) Aprons similarly folded and placed alongside skirt.

Skirts are folded along the waist line


(3) Two apron strings wrapped around both skirt and apron in opposite directions making one or two laps and then tied in a slip knot.

Skirts are folded along the waist line


 FYI: knot in apron strings allows slip knot to hold preventing apron string from slipping through knot

What To Do With Your New Roma Apron and Dress