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ALL Visits - no matter how great or small
require CONTACT made to home office:
Please respect our guidelines
by contacting us before your visit.
Third party awareness is put in place to ensure Security -
FULL Program Implementation
 and other essential services

or call +(40) 758 55 66 70... (after May 2018).

"HOW WE DOING" - Follow-up
ALL visits are followed-up by a voluntary survey allowing for
your compliments – criticism and/or suggestions so we can
better monitor
and improve our services and therefore
 continue the success and advancement of our programs
 All responses remain confidential

FYI - Recommended Note

Ultimate experience for your guests is a comprehensive v
down the three main levels of the 
Roma Caste System 
(1) Experience Brahmin Gabor
(lifestyle not far removed from Roma's arrival into Europe)
- (2) followed by House Gypsy caste: 
Basket-Makers or Musicians 
- (3)  followed by Forest Gypsy aka Khashtalo (untouchables)

 Traditional Roma

Valenii, Mures

Gabor Day Visit

Gabor are a self-segregated or closed society and for that reason the social exchange of our Coffee - Cake or Meal program (cooked from the Gypsy kitchen by grandmother Gabor) is that much more special and rewarding
Our NEW FEATURE: incorporating authentic Gypsy music to the old-world traditions of Gabor
Combining the exotic style, decor and old age traditions
with the wild Gypsy sounds: two musicians and singer.
Family Gabor are true professonals with over 8 years experience hosting guests, serving meal and discussing their cultural heritage. But dont take our word for it - see what other's are saying:

2017 Article link in Romanian
In Romanian

Gabor Day Visit Video Link
Cosplay with Gabor (Video Clip)
Typical Visit discussing Dress - Style and Decor

Coffee-Cake visit
Coffee-Cake visit
 Including live music (song 'n dance)
40 lei pax80 lei per plate+2 musicians = + 460 lei
2 musicians and singer = + 600 lei

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

Visit Gabor Profile Page for additional information about community and directions

Basket-Making / Dancing Gypsies of Glodeni (Mures)

Serbiabasketmakingdancing glodeni girls
TziganiaBasket-MakingGypsy Dance

Visiting the Basket-making/Dancing Gypsies of Glodeni focuses on an introductory Walking Tour allowing guests to experience an intimate view of tzigania architecture - lifestyle and social structure. Your guide (Atilla) will explain history and culture of the 2000 inhabitants of the compact area we call “a city within a village”.. Tour allows guests to encounter the various stages of the basket-making process; meet families sustaining themselves on the traditional trade – and if opportunity allows some Traditional Gypsy Dance steps will be demonstrated (ask your guide)… The visit concludes with visit to the local tuica factory to view the making process and a sampling of various blends.  

Duration - approx 1 hr.

Walking tour 100 lei with 50 lei each additional person

Walking Tour1 Person (pax)2 Persons3 Persons4 Persons +
100 lei150 lei200 lei+50 lei

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 


.... in order to offer more variety and enhance your experience

(in Tzigania and Village)
include the village and see the park with stop-off's at the park with famed folk art statues like the Injured Hussar - see Teleki Manor  - cross the Mures river (Gypsy Ganges) and stop off at the Tuica Factory....       

 Price:  120 lei per wagon

Glodeni Wagon Ride Link
Wagon Ride VIDEO link

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


Glodeni's Famed Spicy Gypsy Goulash

Spicy Gypsy GoulashEnjoy a meal in Tzigania of the it's famed  Gypsy goulash.  Meal served in the community surrounded by new friends. Enhance your time and stay in the community. Absorb the tzigania settings while having a great meal…. Meal comes with salad and bread, drink plus after meal coffee or tea...

Meal  (minimum 2 persons)60 lei per plate
 Meal Party *  70 lei per plate (pax)

* Meal Party for Groups: includes meal
+ music, dance, drink - it's a party

(Note: Goulash ingredients include pork meat - however vegetarian 
is available. Let us know ahead of time of any ingredient 
restrictions such as no pork, vegetarian or other) 

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 

Professional DANCE Performance

Dance Performance Video Link
Video Link: Dance
Inspirational Professional dance performance
in tzigania by local dance troupe  
 250 lei 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   *

Basket-Making WORKSHOP

While experiencing all this great Gypsy culture – why not roll up your sleeves and learn how; learn from the best; the Gypsy teachers. It’s an opportunity to expand on your experience and better understand
by doing - while simultaneously having fun.

It’s also a great treat for the kids – and a chance to take home a memorable and authentic Gypsy basket - made by you

Gypsy Basket at Glodeni

 Step 1: learn to make the base which dictates basket's size and shape.
Step 2: weaving the sides. You will learn the basic rule:
“opre” - up and then “tele” – down….
 “opre” – “tele” – “opre” -  “tele” etc.. 

Duration – 1-2 hours

100 lei per person 

*   *   *   *   *   *   *   * 


The "in Tzigania" – Dance Workshop (learn the basics)

 Introductory lesson performed in tzigania. Learn the basic steps, finger snaps and claps. Neccessery 3 or more persons

Lesson approximately 1 hour at 55 lei per person

For more advance lessons see:

Glodeni Group Visit Video Link
2016 tour 20 student VIDEO
 meal - dance / basket  workshop

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

Visit Basket-Maker Profile Page for directions plus additional information about community

Ceuas, Mures (near Tirnaveni)

 Three Options...

Music Performance
In Tzigania
 It's a party
Music Performance
Tzigania Tour

VIDEO Links of some events

Video Link UsurperGypsy Party and danceMusic jamMusic Video our singers
Usurper VideoTzigania Party EventJammingOur Singers

ABOUT Tzigania Walking Tour

Introductory Walking Tour allowing guests to experience an intimate view of tzigania architecture - lifestyle and social structure of the unique musician community at Ceuas. Your guide, Shauniko*, will explain history and culture of the nearly 1000 inhabitants of the compact area.. Tour allows guests to meet families and if opportunity allows then Shauniko and some friends will perform some improvised Gypsy music for your pleasure (ask your guide)….

Duration 1 hours

 *Shauniko is non-English speaker: Languages: Romani, Hungarian, Romanian

Tour: 70 lei per person /pax


With Horse and Wagon ride: in tzigania and surrounding area
 + 70 lei per wagon

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

*         *        *        *        *

ABOUT Budgeted Music Performance
All about the music

The family band O Terne Jagale (Young Ones on Fire) perform within musician’s spacious courtyard  

The main focus of this event falls squarely on the music. The Band will perform full cycle of Gypsy genre from Czardas (Tango of the East) to Chingari to Mahala – ballads and more. Q and A opportunity allows guests to discuss the culture behind the music, genre and other subjects. "What is Gypsy music?" Get these answers straight  from the source (the Gypsy musician)

Duration under 1 hours

1 - 3 Guests4 - 9 Guests10 + Guests
3 musicians320 lei480 leicontact us

* Contact us for availablty / rate of additional musiciand and/or Rromani singer

*         *        *        *        *

ABOUT Music Performance IN TZIGANIA

"it's a party and an experience"

Location: in TZIGANIA, at Ceuas

 Musical performance IN TZIGANIA by local Gypsy band "O Terne Jagale" (Young Ones on Fire) performing the full cycle of Gypsy genre from czardas (tango of the East) to chingari to mahala – ballads and more - within the highly fueled tzigania (Gypsy  community). Event includes authentic Gypsy music combined with the people and the setting that inspires the unique sounds.  The music brings out the community who share in the pleasurable moment (carpe diem) and which defines tzigana and its communal living lifestyle. It’s a party shared by guest and community.

Duration 1 -2 hours

1 -  5 Guests6 - 10 Guests11 + Guests
3 Musicians 650 lei800 leiContact us for group rate
4 Musicians 770 lei950 leiContact us for group rate

* Contact us for availablty / rate for Rromani Singer 



HORSE and WAGON from car park up the slope into tzigania and the event
(then return)... Spice up the experience - only + 60 lei per horse and wagon

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

Visit Musician's Profile Page for additional information about community and directions


The Gypsy Mushroom Experts
A Lifetime of Foraging the Forest

Horse and wagonTrufflesMushroom huntCollected Mushrooms
horse and wagonTrufflesForaging for MushroomsCollected Mushrooms

Cristian (Cristi) Coman (fluent English) will serve as your guide through the forest and into the world of Gypsy mushroom collecting

 Cristian is an ethnic Rom from Brasov that brings fifteen years of experience working in the mushroom collection and distribution business of Brasov including hunt of the elusive truffle. He knows the types – the seasons to find them and their hiding places.  Cristian's wealth of knowledge will also explain the many other valuable produce Gypsies have been foraging out of the Brasov forests for centuries including the medicinal flowers, herbs, fruits, berries and saps.

 Cristian along with Gypsy forager Valer and his family, who earn a living like many local Gypsies gathering fresh mushrooms, will guide you in horse and wagon through the Brasov forests where you will join in on the Gypsy hunt of mushroom.

 The event is carried out in the pristine forest of isolated Bogata (4 km north of Brasov) where Valer and his dogs also sniff out truffles. This day will be enlightening and perhaps also lucky.  The event concludes with a sampling of the days catch….
Learn the Gypsy recipes

Pristine Nature Bogata

 In addition to mushroom business Cristian Coman brings a wealth of knowledge about Roma of Brasov. He has spent twenty years as Roma-rights advocate and is knowledgeable in Gypsy lore and the culture of the Brasov Gypsies. Brasov area Gypsies are unique and unlike the other Romanian regions and groups. Learn why.


Number Persons (pax) 1 (pax) 2 3 4 5
Total 180 lei 180 250 250300
Cost per person -90836660

Note: prices do not include transportation.
Transport available "at cost"

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 


Additional OPTION is the BBQ with the Gypsies which we call “Shatra”. The fee of this is ONLY cost of food and drink
(approx. 50 -100 lei depending number guests and interests)

Enjoying meal and company

Mushrooms for the pickingTzigania sceneTzigania Scene
mushrooms-mushrooms - mushroomsTzigania SceneTzigania architecture scene

KHASHTALO – Forest Gypsy Experience

A journey back in time

 A unique authentic experience into the deep dark and mysterious world of the Khashtalo 
aka Forest Gypsies - the untouchables.

PART 1: Day begins with a horse and wagon ride with Forest Gypsy family Vasile and Donna into the forest where guests learn the art of mushroom collecting (and other eatable and medicinal produce foraged from the forest).

Sample Gypsy horse and wagon ride with Khashtalo (Forest Gypsies)

If a picture is worth a thousand words than a VIDEO is… 

VIDEO Horse and Wagon with Forest Gypsy

PART 2: It doesnt end with mushroom collecting. Next stop is rare and unique visit into the Khashtalo village where few venture...  See the preserved Khashtalo life, the architecture, style and decor, and other realities from INSIDE. Khashtalo Bread Koka The visit continues into the home of host family for some freshly made "koka" (Gypsy bread) and taste of some of our freshly picked mushrooms made by the Gypsies in Gypsy style... 

Visiting Khashtalo of Hetea is more than just mushroom collecting yet the unique first-hand opportunity to learn of the customs - social order - style - decor - and the evolution including their specific history that caused their sad and lonely untouchable status.....

Visit includes humble guide ChuckTodaro (WHEN AVAILABLE) offering 
an objective insight into Khashtalo and Roma culture......


Number Persons  1 (pax)234+ 5
With Guide110 lei160 lei200 lei230 + 50 
80 per/person70 per/person60 per/person
Without Guide100 lei100 lei160 lei160 lei+50
50 per/person80 per/person80 per/person


Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

Meeting the Musician
for some authentic Gypsy folk music
(Rate: negotiable tip going to family)

Video Link Khashtalo Music
Gypsy Folk Music VIDEO

*    *    *    *    *

Meet the basket-makers
 (Rate: negotiable tip going to family)

Basketmaker VIDEO link
Basket-Making VIDEO

*    *    *    *    *

Meet the Khashtalo woodcarver
demonstration and view of his gallery
 (Rate: negotiable tip going to woodcarver)

Woodworking Workshop VIDEO link
Khashtalo Workshop VIDEO Link


Peasant Romanian Meal option            OPTION

Romanian Peasant Meal
    Highly Recommended
Fills you up while offering another unique perspective

Meal at the neighboring “taran” (Peasant Romanian) for an
unforgettable traditional Romanian Meal 

Great Price - Exquisite Food and Unique all-natural Setting

Traditional Romanian “tocanitsa”... just 45 lei per plate
Fresh rabbit (guest can participate in the sacrifice)
Rabbit… just 150 lei (serves about 4)

Free range chicken.... just 100 lei (serves about 4)

(All meat from the stable and greens from the farm. 

(Vegetarian dishes available) 

Fresh RabbitSetting
RabbitAll Natural /Authentic Setting 

MORE information about unique Peasant Meal Program

Contact us with ANY questions / bookings
(+40) 758 55 66 70 

Visit Forest Gyosy Profile Page for additional information about community and directions