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            Transylvanian Gypsy Dance Workshop    

Gypsy Dance Workshop with your instructor Atilla Szanto  

and his team of "Gypsy Fest" dancers

     Lesson includes:

female dance instructor teaching female movements

Our mobile Gypsy Dance Workshops can be brought to you 

- or the preferred -

come to us and learn not only the dance but 

the people and the culture that unspired and created it


Dance Workshop duration: Three hours of intense study

 Number of necessary sessions varies by student’s skill level 

lRecommended number lessons - three

Dance Workshop itinerary: 

  • Step 1: Learning the Gypsy Rhythm
  • Step 2: The steps
  • Step 3: Combining rhythm and steps. 
    Learning the necessary balance
  • Step 4: Body Percussion

Professional Dance Workshop with Atilla Szanto
250 lei per person: 3 hour lesson
200 lei per person: 3 hour lesson of eight or more students
Introductory workshop for the non-professional dancer
150 lei per person – 2 hour lesson: not include additional instructor

   Please note … 
For the protection of the craft - a 3rd person cameraman is
not permitted.
Tripod video of the lesson is also not permitted.

Speak with us about additional excursions

Including visits into the Gypsy community at Glodeni

 Visit to traditional Roma (Gabor tribe) where exists the unique Gypsy style and authentic Roma clothing.  

 Meal inside Gypsy community of their famed Gypsy goulash

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Contact us with ANY question


Phone: (+40) 758 55 66 70

CLICK HERE - Videos of instructor Atilla Szanto performing  Gypsy Dance




    About Your Instructor, Atilla Szanto

Attila SzantoSeventeen years professional dancer, choreographer and dance instructor in authentic Transylvanian Gypsy Dance

Expert in Transylvania Gypsy dance, body percussion, choreographer and as dance instructor.

Atilla began his professional dance career in 2001 with Romafest Dance troupe performing shows in Romania – Europe – Asia and Americas. Including employed as dancer /choreographer / and dance instructor for 2 years with Soleil, Canada

Atilla’s Workshop programs have been in effect since 2005. Gypsy dance workshops have been presented in England, Hungary, Japan, Hong Kong, Canada and Romania

Atilla Szanto has been features in numerous national Romanian television shows including 2016 Romania’s Got Talent and music videos with famed Gypsy musicians including Sandu Ciorba performing “Ale-Ale”, “Popu”, “Seful”

Atilla Dance

workshop girls

live music


Dance Workshop

Atilla dance