Saxon - Gypsy Community
      Bagaciu village was founded by the Transylvanian Saxons. After the Saxon community departed during, and again just after the communism era, the village was taken over by the swelling Gypsy community.
      While other Gypsies are often criticized for "destroying" the homes that for one reason or another falls into their hands, the “Saxon-Gypsies” of Bagaciu are set on preserving the unique Saxon atmosphere. Bagaciu is a Saxon village inhabited by Gypsies.
      Though the Saxons of Transylvania are more or less a distant memory their presence remains firm. It shows in the rows of fortress like homes built to last, with towering gates and walls three feet thick.   
      Stay in the courtyard cottage of local Gypsy expert Tanti Mariana (Auntie Mariana). Tanti will inform you all about the culture, history and traditions.   Take a tour of the remaining Tzigania and visit the fortified, 15th century church. Stroll the town, observe the Saxon-style construction and visit the historic Saxon cemetery and separated Gypsy cemetery.
Day Visit the Gypsies -  BBQ
Collecting the meal the Gypsy way...

   The Gypsies possess some of the most awful negative stereotypes. One of the most commonly spread is that they steal. There is truth to the rumors: the hard life of the land-less Gypsy instigated petty thefts of the comparatively “rich” landowners with his surplus of food. The need to ease his families hunger drove the Gypsy to time and again snatch a chicken or other small barnyard animal. Before the animal could be reported missing - the evidence had been devoured.

RATES and Details

The day with the Bagaciu Gypsies will take us back to that old-time tradition.