It’s a party - a party with the Gypsies.
Obtaining the meal the Gypsy way...
   The Gypsies possess some of the most numerous negative stereotypes. One of the most commonly spread is that they steal. There is truth to the rumors: the hard life of the land-less Gypsy instigated petty thefts of the comparatively “rich” landowners with his surplus of food. The need to ease his families hunger drove the Gypsy to time and again snatch a chicken or other small barnyard animal. Before the animal could be reported missing - the evidence had been devoured.
   Many years ago people used to go to the Gypsy section of town to party with the Gypsies in the place were conventional laws were not upheld. Re-enact this bohemian freedom with a group visit to the Gypsies of Tzigania…
The day with the Bagaciu Gypsies will take up back to that old-time tradition
   The guest will arrive at the spacious courtyard of host family Hajnal situated right in the heart of the former Saxon community where they will be greeted with a blazing fire, music and local troupe of Gypsy dancers.
   Introductions are made amid the pouring of drinks and sampling of farm fresh appetizers. This is our get acquainted period and which allows guest to warm up to the new settings and feel relaxed.
   The group will be led on a walking tour of the small village that includes interior of Saxon homes and the historical 15th century Saxon church. Climb the bell tower with its exquisite view of the village rooftops and surrounding hills.
   On route back to the house our guide will announce a need to “pick up the food” and lead the group into one of the neighboring courtyards, checking first that all is clear. Inside the courtyard the group will snatch a couple of the squawking chickens after which the homeowner will come bursting out the door.  Our guide will hustle the group out of the courtyard and on a short jog back to the party…. The guest will experience the thrill of stealing their first chicken.
   The chickens will be prepared in the nomadic style: a fire is built inside a hole in the earth and left to burn till remains only the hot embers... The feathered bird is coated in wet clay then placed over the red-hot embers and covered up with earth. Twenty minutes later the chicken is excavated and the mud shell cracked open taking the feathers with it - thus leaving the delicious meat to be devoured.

   Guests arrive at the spacious, country courtyard of community Bulibasha Joska Biga’s big red house. The introductions are made amid an outpouring of drinks, music and dance.  This is our get acquainted period and which allows guest to warm up to the foreign sights and sounds and relax.
   Guests are escorted to a row of decorated horse and wagons where they will be driven through Tzigania to the welcoming cries and waves of the inhabitants and into the surrounding hilltop offering a view of the expanding Tzigania. Drinks are served amid the peace and quiet of nature.
A return to the party place will give guests the chance to freshen up because soon the party begins.
   The courtyard party will hold all the sites of a nomadic Gypsy camp (shatra): raging fire, grazing sheep, horse and wagons, music and dance. The Gypsies of Apalina are renowned for their dance skills. There will be performers on hand demonstrating their hyperactive style of dance. They will also teach willing guest their outlandish moves. The Apalina Gypsies are also renowned for their horse riding skills and the bravado males will demonstrate their ability for the guests. Finally there will come the moment for the sacrificing of the sheep (“mas” – meat in Gypsy language). The meat is cooked and the meal served outdoors in Gypsy style.
Time Frame: neighborhood of 4 hours 
PRICE: 550 RON for minimium 5 people
80 RON for each additional person
The Roma of Apalina are exceptionally sociable - the day will be a friendly mingling of Roma and non-Roma
PRICE: 700 RON for minimium 7 people
Time Frame:  4+ hours 
80 RON for each additional guest

   Guests are greeted at the entrance of Tzigania (the Gypsy part of town) and escorted with Gypsy-style pomp and circumstance through the Tzigania streets till the home of host, basket-maker Kalman Csurkyi.
Introductions are made amid the pouring of drinks.
This is our get acquainted period and which allows guest to warm up to the new settings and feel relaxed.
   The Guests are taken on a short walking tour of the neighborhood labyrinth of tightly packed family dwellings and alleys. The tour includes visits of some of the basket-making families working the trade.
   The return to the courtyard will reveal a pair of tradesmen performing their trade. The basket-makers will work all through the visit demonstrating their various steps and answering questions about their trade which has barely changed since departing India over a 1000 years ago. There will also be a display of hand-woven crafts that tourists can purchase at reasonable prices.
In another portion of the yard, women will be preparing the traditional meal of Gypsy style Gulash in large vats over a wooden flame.
   A large fire will be set. There will be music and dance. The Glodeni Gypsies are renowned for their dance skills and will offer their guest a wild performance of their hyperactive dance style. Limber guest will be invited onto the earthen dance floor and taught how to move like a Gypsy.
The meal will be served and eaten outside in Gypsy style as the fire burns.
 The evening will conclude with more music and more dance.
PRICE: 650 RON for minimium 6 people
Time Frame: 4+ hours 
80 RON for each additional person

   The Guests arrive at the spacious courtyard of band leader Iulius Pirvan where they are greeted with music and a professional dance performance by the local troupe of young people. Introductions are made amid the pouring of drinks: cognac, beer and soda.  This is our get acquainted period and which allows guest to warm up to the new sights and sounds and relax.
    While dancers and musicians perform for their guest the meal is being prepared outdoors in Gypsy style including the sacrificing of the menu rabbits.
Rabbit skins will be saved and cured as souvenirs for the guests.
The meal is served. The non-Roma guests will share the meal alongside their Roma hosts.
Time Frame: between 3 - 4 hours 
PRICE: 700 RON for 6 persons
80 RON for each additional person
* Band is made up of accordionist, violinist, pianist, saxophonist, and vocalist singing in Gypsy, Romanian and Hungarian language
Prices listed in Romanian Lei (RON).
To calculate into Euro or US dollar: divide sum by daily exchange rate:
Euro - 4.2 / US 3