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Gabor Family: "Roma Day"  -  Forest Gypsies: Gypsy-Peasant THANKSGIVING - Musicians: Live Music and Dance Showc

 Roma Day with  Gabor
Location: Family Gabor at Valeni, Mures

  The Roma event is a cultural experience. It comprises of a meal and show surrounded by Roma atmosphere: style, décor and the sacred traditions. The Gabor are viewed as the Brahmin by the other groups of the Roma nation - while non-Romas  look upon them as simply those other Gypsies wearing colorful dresses and still following the archaic custom of arranged marriages. Gabor are the bluebloods, the purebreds – those Romas most like the first arrivers into Europe some 1000 years ago,


  •  The arriving guests are welcomed by the troupe of musicians with a harmonious blast of music and dance.  A toast of homemade liquor is shared between arriving guest and Roma host.  
  • Roma metalworker banging away on the anvil in the courtyard will demonstrate the traditional Roma metalworking trade.
  • Food and drink is served as the musicians and dancers perform.
  • A time of learning:  We also allow an extended pause in the music for explanation of who are the Roma followed by Q and A directed to the family. The TzT program is proud to allow outsiders this opportunity to learn from the source rather than filtered perspective of outsiders and so called Roma experts.
  • The Roma Day event is good food and drink – music and dance but also learning and understanding.


The event can include any 1 - 2 - 3 - or comprehensive 4 features to the program. 
Pick and choose your interests

Food and DrinkRoma Metalworker Demonstration
Live Music choicesTwo man local troupe... or...Gypsy Band
Gypsy Dancers

Our sliding scale rates are measured by number persons and options. Contact us with your interests:

Peasant - Gypsy THANKSGIVING
Forest Gypsies
Location: Vilcele, Covasna (BROSOV Region)

 The Peasant - Gypsy Thanksgiving event is modeled after the  American Thanksgiving where the "white-man" Pilgrims and native-American "Indian" came together and shared a meal.  It was at this rime and place that the two VERY different cultures began seeing each other’s value.

   We duplicate this event by bringing together the peasant Romanian and their historically segregated Gypsy neighbors. Even though these two groups live in the same village, social segregation and disdain is the status quo. The Peasant - Gypsy THANKSGIVING program brings the two groups together where they share in the work and ultimately share in the profits... It's our little way of bringing the two divided people together and showing that togetherness is stronger than separation.


  •  The event begins at the peasant farmhouse where guests are welcomed by the Romanian and Gypsy participants with a welcoming toast and introductions.
  • The meal is prepared for guest who can either sit back, relax, enjoy the natural surroundings,  sip their drinks and view, or participate, if they choose, and learn the Gypsy – Peasant natural cooking styles. The Gypsy and the Peasant bring their own specialties to the meal.
  •  Other sights and activities include the courtyard livestock: horse, cows, rabbit, chickens and duck, sheep, cats and dogs. Guests are shown the making of fresh cheese, milking the cows while the Gypsies demonstrates their simple style of bread making and preparation of mushroom dishes, fruits and berries that have been carried down with them from the forest.
  • Additional Option: Horse and Wagon ride Into the Forest: Those interested in a little excitement are invited to travel with the Gypsies into the near-by forest to learn the fine art of mushroom gathering.

 The Meal

    Three course meal: mushroom appetizers – main meal – dessert
Meal consists of 100% traditional cuisine. The meal comes fresh from the garden, the forest and the barn.  

Meal Option: 
Slaughtered Sheep, Rabbit or Chicken

    Also served is Gypsy style bread and "clatite" dessert: Romanian style crepe filled with natural forest jam and fresh cheese.


Estimated time frame: 1.5 - 4 hours: depending on your interest and time.
Our sliding scale rates are measured by number persons and options. Contact us with your interests:

Live Gypsy Music Show in the Musician Community
Mures  - 8 km East of Tarnaveni, Mures 


The traditional Gypsy musician is a dying breed

We are proud to have paved the road into the isolated Gypsy music community and helping the people benefit by keeping alive the old styles and traditions.

 It is this isolation of the community that has slowed down the infective modern influences of electronics and other new musical sounds that has been taking place over many other Gypsy music communities.

Your visit is fun, highly entertaining and with lessons to be learned


    The guests will be welcomed into the house of the Gypsy musicians for an in-house or courtyard (weather permitting) musical performance and dance show.  It’s a party that bonds guests and community. Fresh clatite (Romanian crepe) cooked on the outdor fire, Gypsy style, and drinks will be served throughout the event.

    Unique Experience:

Every other program using Gypsy musicians take them out of their domain to perform in festivals, halls, restaurants or
 other neutral settings. We, however, bring the people to them - into the tzigania - the Gypsy domain where they can be themselves and where guest experience the real  Gypsy music – and the culture that nurtures the wild gypsy sounds

Estimated time frame: minimum 1.5 -2 hours (depending on your interest and time)

Our sliding scale rates are measured by number persons and options. Contact us with your interests: