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Day Visit for Small to Medium Sized Groups

The economical day plan is designed for individual to small groups seeking a good time (fun) in addition to a 
comprehensive understanding  of Roma/Gypsy history, culture and community.
These visits include the colorful sights, sounds - and the explanations. 
 Meet us there - or join us for the ride. We now offer "gas costs" transportation (when available) * 


Scroll down for the community of your interest:  

Gabor (Mures)

Basketmakers (Mures)

Musician (Mures)

Forest Gypsy (near Brasov) - Coming Soon

Gabor Family Traditional Roma
Location: Valeni Village, MURES 

Gypsy Girl

    The Gabor tribe standing at the very top of the hierarchal social order of Roma society along with its brother Kalderash tribe of historical Romania are revered for their religious preservation of Roma traditions; not an easy task against so much legal, social and financial pressures to conform. They achieve this status through ethnocentric “chosen people” status that looks down at all other Roma/Gypsies as well as all non-Roma who they identify with the single noun “gajo”, very much like the Hebrew “goy” - emphasizing an “us” versus “them” mentality.

    Seclusion is the rule: “Gabor are the kind of Roma that greet you through a crack in the door – and that’s usually about as close as they let you get”.   For that reason our coffee and cake with Gabor visit is that much more special. Not only does our hospitable Gabor family allow outsiders inside - but do it with a welcoming embrace.

    Coffee (best coffee in Transylvania) or tea is served with a sampling of the grandmother Gabor’s homemade tuica and some treats over a chat with the Roma family. Hear from their own lips opinions on any assortment of topics: Dress codes – Traditions and sacraments - Male and female roles in Gabor society - arranged marriage tradition – Family life – Women's role (carriers of the torch: the Roma priestesses) - education - Décor – History and origins – The strictly enforced Gabor class system – etcetera.


Gabor greeting guests   

Rate: 35 lei per person (pax)
 (minimium of 2 persons)

Duration: approximately 1 hour



the musicians

Live Gypsy Music at the musician’s community
Mures county: village 15 km East of Tarnaveni, Mures


    The visit begins with guest greeted by the family of Gypsy musicians (lautari) performing a lively welcoming tune of their acoustic trade just as their ancestors had done in the olden days for the arriving landowner. The musicians belong to the former plantation slaves that still perform their trade today as they have for centuries for the land owning villager’s celebratory events: weddings, baptisms and village feasts.


    Ceaus is unique because of its isolation and therefore has been less affected by the modern musical influence that have been slowly destroying the sounds of the traditional Gypsy music (here today – gone tomorrow).

    Guest will be served coffee – drinks and treats. A performance of the famous hyperactive dance steps of the Transylvanian Gypsies will accompany the musicians.

   The musicians performs the various genres: Romanian – Hungarian and Gypsy style – also dance music known as “geampara” and slow funeral songs “songs for the dead”. Guest will experience the full gambit of Gypsy style music

  The visit will culminate with a walking tour through the “tzigania” of musicians to experience the surrounding lifestyle that created the famous gypsy music style.

   The musicians will perform for the guests a slow good bye tune as they leave the village. A moving tribute to the sad departure. (You arrive with the sounds of gypsy music and depart just as you came in

   What's so unique about this program? 

  Every other program using Gypsy musicians take them out of their domain to perform in festivals, halls, restaurants or other neutral settings. Instead of bringing the musicians to you - we bring YOU to the musicians - inside their own domain - where they can honestly be themselves and guest experience the real  Gypsy music – and culture that nurtured it.  

Live Music in Tzigania
1-4 persons
contact us for rate


View Video - and check-out the community and it's Music.... VIEW VIDEO



A Day of Mushroom Collecting with the
 Forest Gypsies

Location: Valcele, Covasna (25 km east of Brasov)

decent to HeteaGypsy breadGypsy firefresh mushroomsmushroomsview

The fun starts at our Peasant Hostel location where we board the Gypsy wagons and head into the pristine forest for a day of mushroom collecting. Learn all there is to know about the art of mushroom collecting from the expert Forest-Gypsies who have been living by this trade for centuries...
- Learn of the varieties, where and when sprout, identifying the poisonous, and so much more -  

    The search and gathering is followed by the making of the Gypsy fire. A snack of grilled meats will be served and shared between Gypsy host and their guests. 

    Then it’s back into the wagons for a decent into the Gypsy village for a stop-over at the humble shack of host family Vasile, Donna offering outsiders a rare look inside the Forest-Gypsies' primitive mud and stick shelters made of material gathered from the forest.  Coffee/drinks are served with snack of mushrooms cooked Gypsy style and warm Gypsy bread.  Then it's back into the wagon for the slow return to peasant house where the day started.

The event can include any 1 - 2 or "best" (more comprehensive) 3 steps of the program. 
Pick and choose your interests



Mushroom Collecting
Snack and Fire
Community and
House Visit

The Full 3 step program: 1-2 persons 200 lei... 3 persons 230 lei .... 4 persons 260 lei.

Our sliding scale rates are measured by number persons and options. Contact us with your interests

Affordability is our Mission

      TzT project is about building brides and bringing people of all social and economical backgrounds into our communities.  Roma don’t discriminate.
We reach these goals by balancing options and rates.  
Our open door policy reaches out to student - blue and white color workers - the young - young-at-heart: Everybody… Talk to us about our options.