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Tzigania Project Proudly Introduces…


                          The Brahmin of Roma Society - Traditional Roma - Gabor

Gabor GirlsThe traditional Roma known as "Gabor" - the Roma aristocrat - are a tightly united community  bounded  by  community laws - sacred traditions - and a history tracing back to medieval bands known as the "King's Gyspies".

They are revered by all other Roms as the bluebloods of the Roma nation. They are purebreds following strict tradition of arranged marriages and endogamy.

   They preserve their identity with discriminating social barriers keeping outsiders (other Roma and non-Roma) outside their protective domain and from getting too close and spreading infective influences of change.


   Romani is the language of the Gabor – and the strict laws of Rromanipen (Roma religion) acts as their guides through life.   Rromipen defines the taboos, rituals, dress codes, conduct, and belief system that links Roma to their distant Hindu-Indian origins. 

    They are a severely proud people - true believers of their old fashion ways and signify the us versu them (everybody else) mentality by identifying all non-Roma by the single noun “gajo” - similar to the Jewish term "goy" identifying all non-Jews.  See more about their distinct Roma - Orthodox-Jewish cultural parallel.

 Roma Architecture 
                                              MEET - GREET -  Traditional Roma - Gabor

Gabor are a self-segregated or closed society and for that reason our coffee and cake or meal in the Gypsy kitchen visit is that much more special and rewarding

 This visit is unique for reasons stated above yet also because of this particular Gabor families high status and openness. They are proud of their ways and speak freely. You will leave this rich experience with a new understanding coming from the source a closeness that most foreign journalist don’t reach and without the filter of even a translator (Klara Gabor speaks perfect English)

 This is a highly recommended visit by the non-Roma partner of Tzigania project, writer, former journalist ChuckTodaro. “If you are to do just one gypsy visit than make it be Gabor”). It is from the hierarchal top on down that is the best way to understand Rom culture and the many influences that created the changes and divided levels of Roma society


    Coffee and Cake program offering the best coffee in Transylvania or Meal from the Gypsy kitchen (home cooked by grandmother Gabor) is served with a sampling of the grandmother Gabor’s homemade tuica

 Hair Weave Style

Hear from their own lips opinions on any assortment of topics: Dress codes – Traditions and sacraments - Male and female roles in Gabor society - arranged marriage tradition – Family life – Women's role or the Roma priestesses - education - Décor – History and origins – The strictly enforced Gabor class system – etcetera –etc - etc…


And finally, visit to tzigania project is real life and for that reason you never know what to expect. Come inside and prepare to be amazed


Coffee Cake visitMeal in the Gypsy kitchen
(lunch or dinner)
Duration: approx. 1 hrDuration: approx. 1-2 hr
1 person = 40 lei1 person = 60 lei
2 + persons 35 lei per person2+ persons 55 lei per person

Make the most of a good opportunity – and be sure to check out Valenii off-the-beaten-path sites. The wooden church and the Hungarian Reformed former Catholic church with bell tower (picturesque view)..  SEE MAP

(Note: offer one of the Gabor school boys a tip and he will guide you to the churches... Recommended 5 -10 lei

 Welcoming Family GaborGabor Workshophatstyle

                                                                                     Roma Style and Decor..... we have a  real treat

Rromni Klara KhaniAnd for you fashion conscious people we have a real treat… Klara Gabor is a designer of Roma clothing that sells her Roma creations to Gypsy Queens and Princesses of the top echelon of Roma society. She is the Vera Wang of Roma society. A visit to Gabor is a visit to Rromni Klara Khani’s workshop and where East (authentic Rromani traditions) meets West (the Bohemians)


Chat with Klara about the clothing and its style and Klara will offer some amazing insight. Try on the Roma apron / skirts while here. You will see first-hand how they combine elegance with functionality and practicality, comfort and importantly highly spiritual. After all, the design is 1000 years in the making. They’re perfect!…  

                                 About the Dress codes

Rromni Klara Khani Workshop

Klara Khani (her designer name) offers unique insight to the style and the making which she does the old fashion way that includes a tremendous amount of heart and soul


Check out her fresh line of Roma clothing made by Roma - for Roma

and now available to you. . They are available for purchase. Take home as a gift to friend or family or a gift to yourself and amaze everyone                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         Rromni Klara Khani Workshop

Accomodations  *  *  *  *  Transport Options  *  *  *  *  Directions (bus, train, car) 

Located on E60. 137 Str Principala Gaiesti .. Phone: +40 - 374 -222555.... WEBPAGE
 Gaiesti village adjacent village to Valenii. Comfortable, inexpensive hotel. 60 lei per person. Also a breakfast rate. Offers meals. Clean, neat, no frills. Only drawback being its isolation. Not much to see or do in area other than Gabor and Valenii village hike. Or use it as a base  to view other area sites (perhaps to our musicians). 


(make the MOST of your time and money in Romania) 

We have now made it easy to visit basket-makers before or after your visit to Gabor and finish the day with a fuller understanding of the differences between Roma and the effects of assimilation. Basket-maker host offers transport. 

See transport rates at Basket-Maker page: “Click-Here”

                                            DIRECTIONS TO GABOR: Village Valenii

                        Gabor are in village Valenii… Please note: NOT “Valeni de Munte” where GPS and others mistakenly send our guests.
                        Our Valenii is between villages Acatari and Balauseri-Gaiesti, 15 km south of Targu Mures toward Sighisoara… 
                                                                                                                                    "CLICK HERE" VALENII - GOOGLE MAPS 

   Arriving in Valenii Village

   From village bus stop (village center) .... Walk south  (away from  Targu Mures - towards Sighisoara / Brasov).. Stay on the side of the road traffic heading south.. You will first pass a store. We are the 5th house down. It is a corner house. Identified by decorative well, decorative iron fence and sign over back garage advertising mechanic.

"Come inside"

Targu Mures 
Go to bus station TAM (located behind main bus terminal  "Voijor".  Take bus headed to Sighisoara or Sovata. or Balauseri (all routes pass our village: bus leaves approximately every 45 minutes. ) Get down off the bus in Valenii.
(Approximately 15 minute bus ride. Cost 6 lei)

Bus Schedule :

Bucharest - Brasov 
Bucharest Bus Station:
 Autogara C&I: Ritmului
Brasov station
bus terminal (at main train station . Also departs from airport).

Take bus to Targu Mures. Purchase ticket for Acatari ("akatsar").. Bus departs every 2 hours
Bus Schedule :
(Approximately 5.5 hr duration from Bucharest / 2.5 hours from Brasov)
Note: Inform the driver before and upon reaching Valenii or he may pass it by....
(Valenii is located  after villages ..Nades, Tigmandru, .Chendu - Balauseri - Gaiesti -  Valenii - .... if you reached Acatari then you passed us. Go back!
By Train  
Bucharest -  Brasov

Train schedule:

Train from Bucharest Gara de nord  or Brasov train station to Sighisoara. Upon arriving Sighisoara follow Sighisoara directions....
Sighisoara to Valenii
Bus station adjacent to train station. Take bus to "Targu Mures". Buy ticket for Valenii.  
Valenii is located  after villages ..Nades, Tigmandru, .Chendu - Balauseri - Gaiesti -  Valenii - .... if you reached Acatari then you passed us. Go back!
Get off village Valenii. Follow Valenii directions....
Duration: 40 minutes
Cost ? 12 - 15 lei
Bus departs approx every 40 minutes weekdays.  Less on weekends

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