The Basket - Makers
     The Tzigania of Glodeni is a place overflowing with culture, traditions and raw, gypsy-style merrymaking.
     The Gypsies of “Serbia” follow a carpe diem lifestyle while still working the age-old trade of weaving eiver-bank reeds into marketable products. The business of weaving nature's byproducts into practical items has been a trade of the Gypsies for thousand’s of years. The trade idyllically fits into the Gypsies itinerant lifestyle and has supported many of their tribes across Asia Minor, into Byzantium and all throughout the Balkans. Materials could be freely gathered as they went and therefore a change of place, whether forced or by choice, didn’t necessarily mean a change of profession.   These basket making communities are increasingly rare having been driven out of business by mass production and modern transportation making the Glodeni Gypsy community a unique experience. 
     Stroll the labyrinth layout with your host T.B. and see the abundance of micro factories operating out of each passing courtyard.  All the work is performed outdoors in the nomadic tradition and with the Gypsy tool, a sharpened knife.   The basket making is a family affair that includes all members: young, old, even children, play a part.
     Stroll the labyrinth layout with your local host T.B. and see the abundance of micro-factories operating in each passing courtyard.  All the work is performed outdoors in the nomadic style and with little more than a pair of hands and the sharpened knife.   The basket making is a family affair that includes all members of the community: males, females, young, old, even the children have a role.
     Relax and hang out with the basket-makers as they leisurely carry out their special trade.  Enjoy the music that is heard day and night. Learn the Gypsy dance style. Those seeking a further adventure can join the group setting out to gather materials off the river banks or hawk their wares as they bound from village to village.
TzT also offers day plan BBQ with a small to large group.

      TzT offers small and large groups the opportunity for a festive visit with music – dance – learning - and a good plate of food.
      Guests are welcomed in the courtyard of host family Kalman Csurkyi where they are greeted by an explosion of Gypsy dance and music. Drinks and treats will be served to help relax the guests. This begins what TzT labels our “getting acquainted period".  
      The group will be led on a walking tour of tzigania's labyrinth of alleys between tightly packed family dwellings.  Guests will have a chance to witness basket making family operations at work.
      The group will return to the family courtyard – and the party will begin. One of the basket-makers will be set up in the courtyard demonstrating his trade all through the day and its numerous steps.  (Guest will have the opportunity to purchase reasonably priced produce of the weavers)
      In another corner of the yard, women will be preparing the traditional Gypsy style gulash in large vats over a wooden flame.
      The dance and music will continue till meal is served. The meal will be consumed outside in Gypsy style – under the blue sky. The meal will be shared between guests and Roma hosts sitting together at the table. Social bonding will commence over the meal.
      After the meal has been consumed, a gypsy-style fire will be set. There will be music and dance. The Gloden Gypsies are renowned for their dance skills. There will be performers on hand demonstrating their hyperactive style of dance and teaching willing guest the moves.
Accommodations are available on site for small to medium sized groups.
The Gypsy School

Learn "how to be a gypsy - from the Gypsies"
      Gloden is a very special kind of Tzigania.  We have organized with the Gloden community a program for guest to learn their unconventional lifestyle.
      Each day of your stay with the Gypsies is organized into four classes that will teach the group:
1)   The old fashioned manual basket making profession:
Guests will learn to make each of the three popular forms of baskets: decorative style, and storage baskets.
2)   Gypsy language lesson (administered by professor of Romani).
3)   Gypsy dance: this program will teach our visitors the hyperactive dance steps of the Transylvanian Gypsies)
4)   Gypsy Cuisine
   Mealtime will be prepared together. All cooking will be done outdoors in the gypsy style over a wooden fire. The completed meal is shared between guest and the Gypsy.
All lessons are taught by the Gypsies... who else is better qualified?
Professional Dancers
     Passed the village stream and cemetery manifests Tzigania.  It is another time and place - and is not surprising that the locals refer to the Gypsy section as “Sebia” as if it were another nation, a foreign people speaking another language and with their own obscure customs.
Talk to us for more details.
The final day - graduation - is a gypsy party.

Our Future Project
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