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Gypsy House Hostel at Gabor

Bed at the Gabor Hostel

Welcome to the Gypsy House Hostel

Location: Village Valenii, Mures County:

The Gypsy House Hostel offers guests the unique chance to enter the traditionally off-limits domain of 
recently nomadic - traditional Roma.  
Read more about the tribe known as Gabor

Gabor policy of self-segregation is a long standing tradition put in place to protect 
Romanipen (Roma Religion) and defer the
contaminating spread of "change" leading to assimilation and ultimate annihilation of the race...

 Gabor strength in unity are protected within the Gabor civilization complete with its own capital location, specific laws, justice system, belief system, ancestral traditions, sacraments, social etiquette, style/decor - and distinct Gabor in-vogue.

Come inside and Discover the People and Civilization - Gabor  

Visiting the Gabor

Stay at the very relaxing rural atmosphere of the Gypsy-House Hostel:
 meet and mingle with the Gabor family and other Roma and non-Roma cast of characters 
hang-out and absorb the culture (and a whole lot more)...

Affordability is our Mission

     2016 TzT plan - something for everybody

Begin your adventure at Gabor home for coffee (best in Transylvania) and/or Gabor secret blend (drink) - 
then to the hostel

Stay includes Room and Breakfast (at the hostel) 

only 35 lei per person 

Include Dinner - (choice) 
- Dinner at Gabor (highly recommended) for its Great Roma cuisine - and the precious social aspect 

20 lei per person
- OR -
Kitchen facilitoes open for guests use

and Heat (wood burnng stove)
cozy and rustic: a gypsy life

 ** Let us know in-advance of any meal restrictions like vegetarianno-pork or other so we can adapt...  
Check-out our Program and Activities at Gypsy House
(things to do)

We got the stimulating Learning Center here + Day-Visit opportunities at in-hostel rates to other differing Roma communities + Sighisoara/Targu Mures short bus rides away....
                                           Drop off your sack and Explore - Experience and Discover 

View more about our Program and Activities (things to do)

Learning CenterLearn Romani  day of music  Roma Library  Tour Gabor capital  make dress
Learn Romani - Visit the musicians - Our expanding Library - Let's go see Gabor "capital" - Learn Roma Dressmaking
and so much more ->

     e-mail ANY questions                                                                                                                       Phone: +(40) 758 55 66 70 

Our Location: 151 Strada Principala, Valenii village, Mures county, Romania: Directions to us from..    Gabor House

   Arriving in Valenii Village

   From village bus stop (village center) .... Walk south  (away from  Targu Mures - towards Sighisoara / Brasov).. Stay on the side of the road traffic heading south.. You will first pass a store. We are the 5th house down. It is a corner house. Identified by decorative well, decorative iron fence and sign over back garage advertising mechanic.

"Come inside"

Targu Mures 
Go to bus station TAM (located behind main bus terminal  "Voijor".  Take bus headed to Sighisoara or Sovata. or Balauseri (all routes pass our village: bus leaves approximately every 45 minutes. ) Get down off the bus in Valenii.
(Approximately 15 minute bus ride. Cost 6 lei)

Bus Schedule :

Bucharest - Brasov 
Bucharest Bus Station:
 Autogara C&I: Ritmului
Brasov station
bus terminal (at main train station . Also departs from airport).

Take bus to Targu Mures. Purchase ticket for Acatari ("akatsar").. Bus departs every 2 hours
Bus Schedule :
(Approximately 5.5 hr duration from Bucharest / 2.5 hours from Brasov)
Note: Inform the driver before and upon reaching Valenii or he may pass it by....
(Valenii is located  after villages ..Nades, Tigmandru, .Chendu - Balauseri - Gaiesti -  Valenii - .... if you reached Acatari then you passed us. Go back!
By Train  
Bucharest -  Brasov

Train schedule:

Train from Bucharest Gara de nord  or Brasov train station to Sighisoara. Upon arriving Sighisoara follow Sighisoara directions....


GABOR ETIQUETTE  Gabor are tradition Roma. They are culturally conservative. The Gabor home is sacred domain, a virtual church.
When visiting Gabor please dress appropriately: no miniskirts or provocative dress. Common sense appropriate.

: Gabor visit

We are able to continue this unique opportunity because we respect the Gabor’s culture and traditions and we allow them space. 
Guests are allowed visits upon arrival and also meal time visit. Also, if guests have organized a program with the girls. Please try and allow family space.


Gypsy House Hostel RATE

 We have a sliding scale rate system. We share our saving with our guests and for that reason “the more the merrier - and economic” Stay includes room and breakfast. Dinner at Gabor is optional. Kitchen facilities are available to guest including the refrigerator  1 person Room and breakfast = 35 lie + Dinner at Gabor 25 lei2 or more persons Room and breakfast = 35 lei + Dinner at Gabor 20 lei per person  ABOUT MEALS Guests eat what the family eats. They eat the best.  Tell us in advance if you have ANY meal requirements like vegetarian, no pork or other – so family can adaptAlso – please allow us notice regarding eating at Gabor or not eating so the family can make preparations  Breakfast is buffet style served at Hostel  We try and use as much natural village produce as possible (supporting the villagers plus it’s the best tasting and most natural)  Lunch:
you are welcome to use our kitchen facilities including the refrigerator. We
ask that you help keep the area clean and organized.



Gypsy House Hostel is village conditions. Clean and neat yet 19th century living  
 Our water source is well. Bathroom is outhouse

YET we now have showers. Gabor ingenuity designed eco-friendly, solar heated showers.


Who to pay and when
We are very relaxed around here. Stay as long or short a period as you like.  
You can pay Chuck or family Gabor. We prefer payment on a day-by-day basis because
we are a hand-to-mouth organization and money collected goes towards your care.
  Honor System For purchasing store item
 ( booklets, postcards, Roma clothing, other)  pay chuck.
 If not available than please pay the jar (with note to help us manage the stock


We have a steadily evolving list of activities / things to see and do. Many activities are free ( we like it that way) 
others require minimum fee going directly to
Roma participants and/or expenses 

ANY question contact us
at phone
: +(40) 758 55 66 70........    e-mail:

A visual montage of hostel - people - and the place....

 Modest Guesthouse Gabor Porch  style Backyard View  party at us
     2016 -       Room 2016   Room 2016   Room 2016   Room 2016    Room 2016
Room 1   Display   introducing   Room View

Room2  Gabor house pellows  local Gabor  workshop  dress up

bathroom facilities

Note About our humble Conditions

  A recent Romanian survey found that half the Romanian population live without running water. That number cascades to roughly 75% in rural Romania and 100% in antiquated tziganias  (Gypsy communities). The Gypsy house hostel fits into this category. Your stay with us is "rural".

Tzigania Project is a 100% grassroots- homegrown organization:
Some clips of the buiding: 

Gymnist Renovations

Renovation 2
Renovation 1