Forest Gypsies - Mushroom Collecting
    The road to the Forest-Gypsy colony at Hetea is a travel back in time. The living conditions of the Forest-Gypsies tragically resembles the life at the turn of the century the 19th century!
     The visit to the Forest-Gypsies starts off with a wagon wide into the segregated village and the humble home of host Vasile and Donna.  Experience a life of a time long gone.  Observe the home construction (all building material comes straight out of the forest) and the interior's unique decor.   Meager as they are it is a vast improvement from only a couple generations before when their bedrooms were burrowed into the earth like foxes  Sit down for a coffee or natural herbal tea. Donna will cook up some tasty treats on the fire. Eat, drink and get acquainted with the family. 
     Then its back into the wagons for a ride up into the surrounding forest and where Donna and her team will show you how and where to find the best mushrooms.  Scouring the forest will build up an appetite. The host will organize the camp and start the fire in the forest clearing. Grilled meats and freshly-picked mushrooms will be served.
      Eat Gypsy food prepared in the style of the Forest-Gypsies. Learn from Donna how to make medicinal tea from the wild flowers they gather, unleavened Gypsy style bread and other Forest-Gypsy cuisine. 
     They are a poor yet peaceful people. Though there is an abundance of wild animals living in their forests, the Gypsies do not hunt nor posses any deadly weapons other than the elementary knife and axe.
The poor Forest Gypsies survive off the blessings of Mother Nature.
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