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People Helping People

The Tzigania Project was put into effect as a new trade route into the disadvantaged Gypsy communities and to combat the reliance on an infective social help network that has helped nurture the Gypsies’ sense of dependency and subsequent idleness…

Our goals are towards improving the community through trade


there are some special cases that can’t go unnoticed.

Here are some poor-people's situations TzT has managed into the area of People helping People.

Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose


  What TzT People Helping People is all about - what we do - and how it works.

  We manage the donation so it serves its cause in the best way possible and with the greatest effect on the present and future of the individual or family...

Then we document the donation to demonstrate  that it reached its mark

  Finally, we follow up with words and images regarding the overall outcome and effects. 


Rezeda Thank You

August 28, 2013


      Our TzT project was blessed with the visit of Roving Romania’s Colin Shaw and his two UK guests Michael and Mary for a pleasant day visiting our Roma Restaurant followed by our dessert program served at the edge of the village after the asphalt ends in a compound shared by three highly disadvantaged Roma families. They survive by working different means and warding off as much of the cursed bad luck that is known to shadows the inescapable poor. One of the members of the family is 12 year old Rezeda who danced for the guests wearing her torn and mended, floor-scrubbing-Cinderella dress, the only dress she owns.

     Rezeda lives in the crumbling 3rd house in the compound under the leaky roof of an abusive father whose alcoholism multiplies her misery. She is a young girl with no good choices but endure the unbearable present and marry as soon as possible. She is just 12 but marriage is her best option. Marriage means escape for the young girl, yet could just as well, and more likely than not, lead to a more oppressive situation.

     Mary and Michael met Rezeda, entered her shack and heard her story plus the facts: causes and effect; that’s what we do here at TzT  – we expose reality and explain the objective facts: the good, the bad and the sometimes ugly. Before departing Michael and Mary left TzT 40 British Pounds to help Rezeda set-up for the coming winter with some warm clothing.


Rezeda goes shopping

Rezeda Shoe shoppimg "Oh my, so many choices"

    The search for quality plus quantity brought us to the local fair where choices are many and prices are competitive. (Due to the poor state of Rezeda’s single dress, we gave her a loaner for the day’s shopping: the blue and white Roma dress seen in the photos).

All week leading up to our shopping spree Rezeda had been nagging me "I want a pretty Roma dress – please , please, please, please”…  I was against it from the start. Our objective was towards more practical clothing that would combat the coming winter chill, but after discussing the subject with her I began to realize this miserably poor 12 year old needs something to bring some pride and joy into her mundane existence. She needs something not only thick and woolly to warm her body but also something bright and colorful to warm her heart and soul; something to make her feel good about herself and give her a reason to smile… So I decided that if the price was right then okay… At the fair we found a very good price on a beautiful second hand Roma dress… It was a good buy. She wears it proudly every day.

 Rezeda dress shopping

In addition, Rezeda – our own little Cinderella purchased a gorgeous rose ornamented Roma blouse, numerous sweaters, socks, pair of sneakers and leggings… We finished our shopping with 35 lei left over which has been set aside towards food on a when-in-need basis… I decided to handle it this way so I have control and she purchases practical items…. (For example, when we went shopping, the first vender she gravitated to was the mobile telephones table.)… Another cause of concern is her overbearing father looking to drink every last drop of it. TzT has already had him here at our offices wanting his daughter’s money of which he was turned away (though not an easy task, I may add)… A lot can happen in tzigania once the word gets out that money is afloat.

 Rezeda Produce                      


For the moment Rezeda is a frequent visitor at the TzT offices and eats with us and our guests on a regular basis. It offers her support and some positive guidance in a life full of negativity… Unfortunately our program will soon close for the winter and she will be back on her own…

… We pray she will be strong enough to ward off the negative influences and manage through this harsh winter on her own - till next year when she can become a more permanent member of our TzT family…

Rezeda house

Thank You Michael and Mary!

Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose

Oct 3, 2013

Dessert at the Gypsy camp: “Shatra”


     New to our TzT family is the highly disadvantageous three Roma families living out at the very edge of the village after the asphalt ends.


     They are members of the highly respected Gabor tribe yet in this community of merchants and metalworkers are those who fell through the cracks; once through to the basement level, it is nearly impossible to climb back up.  Dirt poor, unskilled and sometimes hungry to bed – yet they are still Gabor adhering to the tribal codes: respectful, honest, clean and courteous. They complement our program.

      The three family compound acts as a supplementary part of our Roma Restaurant. Here at the compound, we dubbed Shatra (the Gypsy Camp), we offer our Restaurant visitors their dessert…  A short stroll through the old fashion village after the hardy meal brings our guests to the welcoming Gypsy fire and aroma of Gypsy dessert fresh off the fire. We serve clatite: Gypsy style crepes filled with fresh homemade jam and natural village cheese cooked in nomadic style over the wooden flame.



     Thursday Oct 3, 2013, we were blessed with the visit of tour agency guide Razvan Balint and his three guests for lunch at Gabor Roma Restaurant followed by a Gypsy dessert at the “shatra”. The guests met the family – ate, drank and danced with the Gypsies. They had such a good time and were touched by their meager situation that they reached into their own pockets and handed me a bonus 17 Euro “tip” to help the families put food on the table.


Family Ruski:

   Impoverished elderly couple in their 70s and two young grandchildren, condemned to a life of poverty. The young and old at Ruski house both stand at the furthest ends of income earners yet they support one another as best they can. 

Widow Tzuntsi:

The widow Tzuntsi and her teenage son, also condemned to a life of poverty, manage to scrape together an existence from the money earned from day labor in a village that doesn’t offer much opportunity.


What will the money be used for?

Ruski gift 

“Food,” Mrs. Ruski briskly answers. “Tonight we will have meat on the table”.

What meat?  - “Tacam” (which is chicken scraps, the cheapest the stores offers, usually used in the cooking of soup, yet for the impoverished Gypsies, it’s often the main part of the meal along with a lot of bread. They fill-up on bread.


Tzunti gift

   And you Tzuntsi?… “The same, some meat, bread – and maybe I will have enough to buy some coffee to last the week,” the thought of coffee for a whole weeks brings a smile.


Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose    Rose