The Roma Restaurant
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The one – the only – True Roma Restaurant

Grab a taste of genuine Roma Culture

    The Roma Restaurant offers clients a delicious home cooked meal surrounded by Roma atmosphere. The Gabor of Transylvania serve 100 % natural foods and drinks coming from the local peasantry or from their own garden or barn. The meal is cooked over a traditional wood burning stove that adds unique flavor to the simmering foods.
You won’t find food like this at any restaurant... It's the real deal.
    The meal is served in the Roma spacious kitchen surrounded by specific Roma decor.  Guest sip all natural drinks while the boisterous Gabor women flutter about in their long, colorful dresses.  It’s a rare treat that isn’t regularly permitted for the “gajo” (non-Gypsy) outsiders.
55 RON per serving
Meal Consists of:
Meat Soup
Meat and Cheese Platter
Mamaliga (corn bread) with melted cheese (traditional)
Cabbage and noodle (traditional)
Main Meal of your choosing:
Shak te mas (cabbage and meat).
Roma traditional meal originating from nomadic era
Roma Style Gulash
Vegetarian Menu:
Traditional Cabbage and Noodles
Fish and Chips
Beverage: Homemade village wine, beer or soda
After Dinner Coffee / Tea
Homemade, all natural, fruit and syrup
Dessert Available upon request 
Roma Style jam filled pancakes
Please Note:
All produce is chosen specially for your visit we therefore ask our guest to pre-select main menu choice beforehand.
Serving: minimum 4 - unlimited
Due to our exceptionally low prices the Roma Restaurant can no longer offer free meals for agency employees. We can however offer slight discounts for guides and drivers. Talk to us.
consisting of single plate or combination of:
Homemade pickled vegetables
It’s a party atmosphere at the Roma Restaurant
Atmosphere - Roma Decor 
Making Sarmale
Shak Te Mas
Meal Includes:
Our Location
Village of Valeni 
Mures County
# 15  National Road DN 13
Phone: 075 652 3925
15 km South of Targu Mures
32 km north of Sighisoara