All Tzigania products are hand made. Many are produced with antiquated tools or out-of-date machinery. You will not find duplicated factory-made products or perfection; every item is uniquely influenced by the artistís moment and time. 
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Blue Flower
Dangling four petal flower with turquoise pistil.  Additional ornamental flower attached to loop. 

The Earrings
Dangling decorative leaf with ornamental heart attached to loop.

Mystical Jewelry of the Syriac Silversmiths of Tur Abdin
Double Leaf
Dangling pair of decorative leaves with ornamental flower attached to loop.

Decorative diamond shield with ornamental flower attached to loop.

Dangling silver mesh vine with decorative flowers
Crescent moon with series of dangling stars.  Ornamental flower attached to loop. 
Moon and Stars

Tulip Bracelet

Six succeeding silver tulip bulbs
8 inch length  -  1 cm thickness
Double Leaf

7 inch length  -  1 cm thickness
Flower Star
Seven succeeding petal flowers
7 inch length  -  1.5  cm thickness

Five succeeding double leaf forms
Four Petal Flower

Six succeeding four petal flower forms
8 inch length  -  1 cm thickness

19" Double Leaf Necklace

Nine dangling double leaf forms with intervening flowers.
Double link chain.
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