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Russian Style Tatting
Narrow Beaded Bracelets
Base orange with green
  16 cm length x 1 cm width
Base black with red
Base blue with green
Base blended pink and red 
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Wide Beaded Bracelets
Base red
 16 cm length X 2 cm width
Choose from:
Base black with blue
Base black with red
Bases blue shades, subtle pink
Base purple and white, subtle red
Base pink with white
Base blue and red, subtle green 

Base Red
Small Snowflake Bracelet 
Base Black
Choose from:
15 cm length x 2 cm width
Base Dark-Blue
Base Pink and White

Large Snowflake Bracelets
Black or  Blue
Choose from:
Purple and White
16 cm length x 3 cm wide
Red and White 

Narrow Chocker Necklaces
Choose from:
Solid black
34 cm length x 1 cm

Wide Chocker Necklaces
30 cm length  x 2 cm width  
Choose from:

Flowering Necklaces
Base black with red beads
Base black with silver beads

Choose from:

Red, pink and white 
Blue with lighter shaded blue beads
Base black with gold beads
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