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For me it was one of the best trips of my life and of course I will never forget the Gypsies and all the experiences.  All the communities that we met were amazing, surprising and lovely.  You definitively have to live Tzigania." Laia Martinez. Spain
New Gypsies
"We thoroughly enjoyed our time with the Gabor family and the Musicians.  Thanks so much for making this possible…We had a wonderful experience!" Radcliff Family USA... More at the Professor's BLOG

"I really think what you're doing is important. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to discover a culture in a way very few have the chance. It was really awesome!!" Sarah Luisi. France
Americans visiting Gypsies

Roma Dress-up
Gypsy musicians

Just wanna say thanks for everything and organizing the stay in Apalina. It was an incredible insight into how these communities live and a wonderfully raw and authentic experiencein Romanian gypsy culture. Thanks again. I won't forget my time in Apalina, it was the highlight of my stay in Romania. Brock Houlahan. Australia

Gypsy party

Our trip to the Goldeni was like an excursion into hospitality itself. But the really nice part was meeting all of the wonderful people who came to greet us - this includes about 30 curious, wonderful kids :) It was also very interesting to se how baskets 
where made out of willow, how food was cooked outside and how inventive the villagers were (for example using old shoes as building material, even making hinges out of them). And thank you Chuck for for checking in on us - making sure we felt safe and comfortable. Thank you for and for all the info we got on the goldeni. And thanks for taking us on a little tour of Mures. The service was great!... Rasmus and Mia. Sweden

Gypsy girl

I truly enjoyed my stay at the Gabor family. They are such warm and open people it is impossible not to love them from the very first minute. I felt very comfortable right from the beginning and although I stayed there for only two days, I felt like I've known them for ages. Simina Balan. Romania

Gypsies and their guests
Gypsy Dance party

In the Media

Liberation Voyages (French)

Independent External Links

Professor Radcliff's Blog

Chuck invited me to stay with his gypsy-friends in Transilvania. It was the highlight of my trip. I am very thankfull to have meet this very special people of the Roma-community. I learnt a lot about their livestyle and history. And made good friends with them. Hopefully we meet again. An interview with Chuck will be published in German here:
Andreas Donner. Germany

I had a very plesant stay with Chuck and his gypsy friends! He invited me and my friend to stay at a gypsy community and to experience their way of living. We had a great 3 days! We went to the Gabor family first and after that to the Apelina community. It was an experience i'll never forget! It's not couchsurfing, but I think all couchsurfers who are nearby should take a visit cause it really changed my opion of the gypsy people. They were so nice and hospitable! And Chuck is cool as well) He stayed with us the whole time to learn us about their culture and translated a lot so we could communicate with them. Thanks a lot and we'll come back for sure! - Piet Overgoor. Netherlands,

Making Friends with the Gypsies
"Luckily Chuck found me somehow on couchsurfing, explained me about his wonderful project, and after some hesitations i decided to go for it. Thanks for his caring and his kindness i got to know a lot about the gipsy way of life, culture, music and much more. Thanks for a unique experience with the Gypsies, which defiantly i won't forget!
Take care and good luck with your project!Hope to see you again" Erez Simai. Israel
I stayed with him for 2 days and we visited 2 Gypsy communities. This is one of the best experiences of my tip. I learned a lot about their culture, their traditions. I will definitely go back and stay longer with them. Clement Regnier. France
Dressing up in Gypsy clothes
enjoying genuine gypsy music

…tell the Gabor family i miss them already and i have not eaten for the past 2 days cuz i got so much food from them for the past few days and that will last me for a while.

Edryan: Australia

   Then there are the ones that got away like Layla from Chile....
Nooooo, I can’t believe it !!!!!!!!! This is what we were searching our whole trip, but we just left yesterday!!!!!!!! Now I’m really sad. We almost went to Clejani, but the boy where we were staying said don’t go, there it’s not safe... bla-bla-bla, so we didn’t go. But we were always asking everyone about the Gypsies, but nobody wanted to give us information. We wanted to see their houses, way of living... sniff!!! Congratulations with what you are doing… I would have liked to have known before but...

   Layla's letter was a  common result of our limited publicity... We follow a "tell a friend" policy.  Behind one satisfied visitor follows two more New Friends...
Making Gypsy Bread