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Tzigania Tours is a community based tourism program uncovering
Roma / Gypsy culture and revealing - the true Roma character... 
TzT in collaboration with the Roma communities have created
                SAFE passage into the historically segregated
     (and thus little known)
Gypsy communities of Romania.
Romania –
  home to roughly 1.5 million Roma – 7% of the population - Europe’s largest Roma population

It's not uncommon for vivitors to this fine country to encounter Roma dressed in long flowery costumes
             hawking their wares, reading palms or in another more infamous open-handed mode.
 there is more to the Gypsy character than, if I may borrow an Italian newspaper headline,
                                                         'a Gypsy face and a jar'.

Centuries of segregation, persecution and distrust from both sides has built a solid wall between
              Gypsies and the European  communities. TzT is breaking down barriers by
building  bridges leading into the “forbidden”  Gypsy part of town where outsiders rarely venture.
        See the Gypsy world view from their side of “the tracks”  and through their bright eyes.

   TzT is ecotourism at its simplicity. We promote a cultural learning experience while having FUN!

                                   Tzigania Tours Programs

              Overnight Stay - Day Visits - Roma Restaurant


Re-inventing an old standard

  TzT programs returns to those days of old when visiting the Gypsy part of town was a common form of entertainment… Many of Europe’s great artists ventured into Tzigania (the Gypsy part of town) in search of new inspiration or simply let go of the daily pressures and have a good time. The “maestro” Franz Liszt was what you might call a regular around the campfire, Pushkin was rumored to have fallen in love while touring the Gypsy camp, even the mad monk Rasputin, an artist of another sort, loved his singing - dancing Gypsies almost as much as his beautiful countesses...

  TzT offers overnight or day visits into the Gypsy community; eat,laugh and dance with the Gypsies. Make friends and learn how to laugh away your worries as only the Gypsy knows how…


 Our  NEWEST Feature :

                   Enjoy a home cooked Gypsy meal served by women in long flowery costumes
grab a taste of genuine Roma Culture


                                      (what the guests are saying)                                                                          (TzT newsletter)

Our Central Location

151 National road DN 13

Valeni, Mures County Romania
(15 km south of Targu Mures / 32 km north Sighisoara)
Phone: (+ 40) 075 652  3925

                                          Our Roma Communities: 

                                             Mures County, Transylvania

                   " I'm ready - give me champagne - let's go to the Gypsies ! "

                                                                  Natasha Fillipovna  of  Doestoevsky's The Idiot

   Traditionalist Roma: Gabor Tribe

  The Family Gabor are the most hospital people you may likely ever meet. Their goals are simple: that their guests experience peace and pleasure in their home. It’s the Roma hospitable nature that carries over from their vulnerable nomadic days of wandering from place to place without a roof over their heads. They survived from hard work, kindness of strangers and the blessings  of Mother Nature. These lonely times have nurtured their strong faith in the blessings of God - "bakht"  (good luck) - the Roma religion.  

  The Gabor family belong to the caste of  Roma traditionalist. They follow the Roma laws deriving from  their Hindu-Indian origins.  Part of the Roma belief system is a distinct separation from “gajo” (non-Roma) and for this reason opportunities to stay with “phral-Rrom”  (true-Roma) is exceptionally rare. See first- hand what it means to be Roma and why these Roma are so unlike the lower-level Gypsies.

   Female guests have the opportunities to dress as a Roma, and "be a Roma for a day" -  or visit the local  sites (in Roma dress) with Klara as guide. But most importantly - have a good time..

  Basket-Makers of Glodeni
   The basket-making community at Glodeni has much to offer. Watch and learn the manual trade of basket-making, stroll the maze of huts and alleys of tzigania. The Gloden Gypsies are exceptional dancers, join the party and learn the hyperactive dance steps... Much here to see - hear – taste – and do

   Gypsy Music community at Zau

  The musician’s tzigania is the Gypsy amusement park.  Their motto is  to “spend and have a good time”.  It’s carnavale – everyday

  Just as the Gypsy language and customs may vary from one locality into the next, so does the styles of their music. Nevertheless, the single link that ties these musicians together and perhaps the only true definition of "Gypsy music" is that the performers can neither read nor write a single note. Gypsy music is all about improvisation

                 Saxon - Gypsies of Bagaciu

  The Gypsies of the village Bagaciu distinguish themselves from the “other Gypsies” by associating themselves with the village's former Saxon community. The Saxons possess the image of an organized, unified, self- reliant people that’s origins in  Transylvania date  back to the 12th century  – and it is exactly these traits that the Bagaciu Gypsies claim thus separating them from the other more frivolous Gypsies

        Gypsy with a Horse  - at Apalina

   Apalina is a very special place that demonstrates the many differences between the tribes… The Gypsy section at Apalina consists of two conflicting groups living on two parallel streets. On the first street reside the former brick-makers. The hard-working former brick-makers have since adapted their skills into a more lucrative business of  paving roads, walkways and patios.  On the next street over live the horse-breeding Gypsies. The" Horse Gypsies" lack trade skills and are therefore more compelled to use their wits in order to survive

   Forest Gypsies - mushroom collectors (Brasov)

  Ride in horse and wagon into the pristine  wilderness surrounding the colony of Forest-Gypsies.  Pick mushrooms with the experts.  Then enjoy the Gypsy-fire and BBQ  - gypsy style.

  Learn from host family how to make medicinal tea from gathered wild flowers, unleavened Gypsy- bread and other Forest-Gypsy secrets.

                                   NEW   - The BRICK-MAKERS - and More...

   Ask About Our Newest partner community: Brick-Makers ( Deaj, Mures County) wiith incorporated visits to neighboring  Gypsy music community - and poor "untouchable" Gypsy.... Three communities in One visit....

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TzT invites YOU to have FUN while also learning about the exotic Roma 

                             yet our school doesnt come from intellectuals and stuffy universities 

                                                                       but from the people themselves.  

                                                                            From the life….

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