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The Tzigania Experience

Real Gypsies - Real Romas - Real life  

   Opening the traditionally segregated Roma - Gypsy communities of Romania

"There is more to the Gypsy character than, if I may borrow an Italian headline, a Gypsy face and a jar"

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Tzigania Tours - is a grasssroots organization of journalistic - anthropological ethics bringing people

                                                                                                                                                   INSIDE and revealing the realities

We won't tell you what to think - 
only share - show - and objectively explain - allowing you to come away with your OWN opinions

  Come INSIDE and be inspired like Pushkin, Franz Liszt, Tolstoy and the bohemians.... See the Gypsy-world view from their side of the tracks and through their bright eyes.

 See with your own eyes - why tzigania is the happiest place on earth

" I'm ready - give me champagne - let's go to the Gypsies! "
Doestoevsky's Natasha Fillipovna in The Idiot

Traditional Roma 

Family Gabor
Brahmin of  Roma Society
Gypsy House Hostel
Roma Learning Center and more
    Tzigania Network
                      Overnight Programs…
 Explore - Learn         not only what’s “in” tzigania –  but what “is” tzigania –   and why it’s the happiest place on earth

      Gypsy House Hostel at Gabor + Learning center 

  Basket-makers Gypsy School: taught by the experts

                        Gypsy Music....  inside the community                                             Homestay - and jam with the Gypsies

                    Day Visit programs
                            Experiencing Roma culture from INSIDE  
             Private guide service into Roma communities 

      Our Gypsy Store at Gabor (Tzigania Store On-Line)

          The CELEBRATIONS… for BIG or small groups

       Authentic Gypsy Music - My Big Fat Gypsy Wedding… 
interactive experiences - authentic - organized by Roma
                                                   and MORE coming


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Basket-MakersAuthentic Gypsy Music

Basketmakers- enter
The Musicians

Forest Gypsy MushroomsDay Visit Programs
small to LARGE

Private tour program INSIDE various Roma communities of
Brasov and Mures
GYPSY SCHOOL MUSIC SCHOOLContact us with ANY questions
transcending time and space
 to their Hindu Indian roots
Experience the surrounding culture
that forged the unbridled sound
Europeans harvested the valleys - Gypsies forged the backyard
Phone: +(40) 74 191 2180 

More about who we are - what we've done and our plans

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Gypsy Cooking The new and improved

Rromani Mexeli
Come for the meal and grab a taste of genuine Roma Culture
Gypsy foodGypsy restaurant
Our Original articles...
Gypsy Chic
From Bohemianism to Boho - The Advent of Gypsy Style in Popular Culture
Romani Dress Stew
Visual Presentation of the Similarities and Differences between the Various Romani Fashions
Why the Gypsies Got it Right
why Gypsies shouldn’t be more like us - but we could be more like them..
Understanding the True Roma Character
Gypsy life can be dull - but it's never boring
What's in a Name
The Bounty of Gypsy Appellations

Meet the Gabors

Excerpt from Chuck Todaro's forthcoming book:
Gypsy Kings and Rag Pickers

-Roma Religion has a Name-

Discovering Romanipen
Dissecting Romani
Etymological  Study of the Language
Who are the Roma of Romania
Understanding The Roma Caste System
Roma Cuisine
What is Gypsy Food?
the Gypsy Homeland
The Roma - Jewish RelationshipGypsy and African-American

in the ARTS

Pushkin and the Gypsies

Forest Gypsies - the Untouchables

Truth 'n Lies about
the magic - begging - thieving 

The Gypsy Camp -
HAPPIEST Place on Earth
Phone: +(40) 74 191 2180 
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